Monday, 16 February 2015

LF - Line Tension (get rid of extra words for sentence structure.) LI - Feel sad and sorry for the character

Learning Goal - Line Tension (get rid of extra words for sentence structure.)
Learning Intention - Feel sad and sorry for the character

My worst nightmare was the crowds…
Everyday more than 10,000 stared at me from across the globe. Day to day each year, they seemed to gaze everyday as they were some kind of photographers. My mind felt the same every single blazing hot day ‘I need to escape this prison these people are driving me mad!’ I thought.
The only time of peace I had, were the cool winter days of grey clouds and wet puddles with the reflection of the shades of grey. No one ever came in winter, they say its too cold, but for me all I can think about is peace away from the crowd monster species, and get almost blinded from all of their magic flashing powers.
'Winter passed far too quickly and I was forced to cower in the corner to avoid the flashes of light and gaping humans.' I felt humiliation in my brain full of hatrid.
One day I thought it was going to be the same old story that I have, but I was mistaken for a little boy felt the pain I went through…

Earlier that Day in the Boys house

“Come on Zac hurry up we’re going to the zoo today,” my Dad shouted. “I’m Coming Dad,” I replied. I jumped down the stairs making a vibration through the entire house. I pounded out the door and into the car and we were off to the zoo!!! The zoo was my favourite place to go during the holidays, I always wanted to feel like one of the animals, so I always studied them closely. Our whole entire family was MAD about the zoo, we made a family tradition that we go to the zoo every year.
The car slowly came to a halt as we were stuck in the traffic that always haunted us…
It seemed there was a crash just ahead but it wasn’t long before we past the traffic and turned the radio knob down again.

At the Zoo

I came outside to see the casual crowds on the fence, time passed and finally it was time for people to come to see me up close. They all seemed to be quite the same apart from one kid, he looked at me in curiosity.
“I’ve never seen a zebra with such sad emotions…,”he said. “Mum, Dad look at him he’s worn out, how can he cope?”
I heard the way of his voice, it seemed quite peculiar to the other voices i’d heard in my life that seemed to last a millenium, it was a calming voice. I felt like somebody might have cared for me.
“What have the zoo keepers done to him, he can’t live like this.”
“I assure you he is under safe care at the zoo..” the zoo keeper said with a tint of guilt of his pale face.


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