Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dog saves man from drowning car number2

humans perspective.

“Help!Somebody Please h....Image result for lady drowning in car

I was driving and talking on my phone when the red light suddenly went I tried to get of my phone and stop but I was too late.I kept going and went straight into the river.Most of the others got out of their car and watched.One of them had a dog.I looked at the owner.It was my brother with his darling mutt Buster.Buster had recognised me and he was trying to break out of his collar.He managed to get out of it and jumped into the water.That is all I could remember.I think what happened is that Buster swam to the bottom of the lake and got a rock then came up and smashed the window open.When I woke up I was in the hospital.My brother was there but he was not with buster.I tried asking him were buster was and instead of my voice I heard a computer voice.O realized that there was a tube going down my throut and into my lungs because it was sucking out the water in my lungs.I learned later that buster had died because the water was really cold.I cried and cried, but in the end I realised that buster would have died with a happy heart because he had helped me.Thank you buster where ever you are were my last word’s.


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