Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dog saves man from drowning car

Yesterday it was a tragic and heroic day. A man drove off a cliff apparently there were sharks in the water! This man was drunk when he drove off the cliff. A young man that saw the incident recalls what he saw. I was eating dinner and thats when I saw a car go flying off the edge of a cliff at Ladies Bay about a minute before the car with the man trapped in it went under water I saw a brown and black animal going closer to the car and the man. I called the fire station and the hospital before they got there the dog had pulled the man out of the car I was amazed, by the time the fire truck got here the dog had brought the man to the land I was surprised the dog did such a amazing thing risking his life for someone else. The amazing dog was brought back to his owner cured to. Just so you know this man has gone to hospital and will go to court when cured.


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