Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The man saves dog from the water.

The dog came charging down into the river he saw a piece of bacon sitting on top of the river so he went to go and grab it. he went so far in that he started drowning a man heard this really loud barking noise so the brave man came running down the hill. He started swimming to come save the dog it was really hard to swim and Carrie the dog because the dog was so heavy. but he used all of his power and made it because the man was strong enough. when the dog got back to shore he ate his piece of bacon then he ran back to his house and the man did the same thing. the owner had saw what happened the next day the owner came knocking on the brave man’s door and said thank you for what you did yesterday you saved my dog and then the man said no problem he was a modest man.

By Lara


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