Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Brainstorm on buyas
dog saves drowning man In a car

A strong fearless street dog puts his life into danger to save a random guy drowning in his car.

The mean guy gets angry at the strong dog when he's on shore because the rude guy was drunk, and thought he was gonna try bite or attack him. The man was very selfish, he was very mean and rude, and didn’t even thank the dog.

The dog was fearless to save a selfish man. Then the drink ran out of effects then the man was still the same then he says get out you little mutt then he walks off.

The brave dog was sad because he thought that the selfish rude man would be happy but he wasn't.

Fortunately, there was a nice guy watching the fearless dog save the man the whole time the nice man was so happy that he adopted him.


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