Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mia WI :Make someone feel happy. WF: Being selective about description and not overwriting.

The runaway bus!

It was an overcast day. As many in downtown Peru are! My school bus flashed right past me and my house without even picking me up! "OMG! i'm going to be late AGAIN!" I thought. Now i'm going to have to go on the later school bus - " yuck!" 15 minutes later another bus pulled up at my house.

"Bye Lana" I called to my step mum as I stepped onto the soon departing bus. There was no reply so she was probably caring for my baby brother or just trying to ignore me - as she usually does. It was 6 minutes into the ride that I noticed something odd was happening - I wasn't on the right bus - in fact I wasn't even on a bus at all! It took me a very long time to figure out what type of automobile I was actually riding in but after about ten minutes my brain clicked - I was on a flying train! how I got there don't ask all I knew was something very odd was happening.It must have looked invisible to the outside world since no one had noticed that a flying train was gliding past them using the cars beneath it as tracks.

I turned to see the driver - I was not expecting to see who I did see in fact I almost fainted when I saw him actually! What I did see was my dad - this wouldn't normally be odd but my dad is supposed to be in a grave - (dead!) " this must be a dream" I thought to myself. No it isn't he said and I ran at him with glee! why - well my dad is telepathic! "you deserved someone kinder than Lana as your step mum" dad remarked " and to pay you back I would like to be your father again" - Rather than some loony bus driver!" "sure" I said but with one consequence - this has to be our car! we laughed ad laughed for hours after that and then lived together until well we still live together now!

The end.

By Mia.


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