Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kiyara's poplet on critical litrecy

How dinosaurs died

Dinosaurs lived a long time ago and they would still be alive now if something extraordinary had not happened at that time long long ago...

Dinosaurs were amazing reptiles but what happened to them.We might never know.Or would we?Most people think it was a volcano but they are wrong.

Dinosaurs were killed by a giant meteor.The meteor was so big that only the outer layer burned in the atmosfeer.It went in to the groung and caused a great barrier of dust to rise.That dust continued spreading until It had spread over the whole world.Now When the dust barrier had spread over the whole world there was no oxygen so the dinasaurs slowly perished suffering and howling with pain they slowly started dissapering.That is when the kingdom of the dinosaurs fell.Land and water dinosaurs were gone.

At that time there were only Huge countries that had no names.For us those countries are our countries.When the dinosaurs were gone the dust barrier slowly fell.crawled out of the water.Somehow these little mammals survived and they slowly evolved until they became the first humans.That is how dinosaurs fell and how we raised.Now this is a world of new technology, clothes and lots more.


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