Tuesday, 24 February 2015

barcelona is an very awesome team in spain the last time barcelona had beat the weak  real madrid with the score 10- 2 it was the last time that messi shoots the goal in to the goalie of  real madrid got a head shots with messi’s lighting ball crash his face blood came everywhere on  his face
a new goalie of real madrid came he got a fireballl of messi crash  in to his stomach  
there were no  goalies of real madrid now  the players of real madrid tried to steal the ball
of barcelona because  messi  got the ball all the time and this time all players in real madrid died because of messi’s kame kame ha kick strong as a fire ball crashing to all players in real madrid died! the score of barcelona became to change from 10 to 25 barcelona was the winner
of this year world cup after the end of the world there were fell out of the sky
it was the  hulk hulk smash said hulk hulk said to messi congratulations of winining barcelona team and smash the
real madrid team.no! this cannot be! said abomination why is my real madrid team died evryone
hulk said because your team is weak! said hulk hahaha cool barcelona did cool! spiderman comes no! why could my team died like this said venom you have to pay for this i wil come
back a next year world cup if my team wins you die ! said the villains the heroes said then were gonna be ready for the  next worldcup and the next year real madrid and barcelona come to play again on the stadiuuum were fill of of vilians and heroes go real madrid  do noot loose barcelona venom said go go go go go go they chere and chere barcelona begin to loose but barcelllona are amazing messsi  cannot loose this weak team real madrid messi run run to  the goal of real madrid and shoot the goal and  barcelona wins the game messi shouted barcelonna is awsome!
the end


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