Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Literacy Focus: developing a more sophisticated voice My Intention: I want the reader to feel like the person in the story.`

I stare. The thick smoke rising from the volcano depicts a picture. The gusts of wind blow through the mist. Thick, chunky clouds fill the whole sky. I can barely see any blue. I am terrified. The only thing that makes me feel safe is that I’m far away from everything. The people around me. The looks on their faces. A sad and miserable look. Everyone must have been scared to wits. This just dampened the spirits of the whole town. I cannot imagine the hot boiling lava pouring out and hurting these innocent people. I hope everyone managed to escape from this dangerous situation. It seems like the volcano was just angry and wanted to vent out anger. How I wish nothing happened. I can only accept the fact that disasters are bound to happen.


jesse said...

Wow that's really good. I actually did sorta feel like the person in the story.

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