Thursday, 19 February 2015


In literacy we needed to make write an explanation about what ever we wanted  I choose to write about burgers. I worked on it for about 2 days and I got it done the day some other people did. Then Mr Lunn showed us this website called Popplet it was an easier way to spread out your explanation. Sadly Popplet wasn't working on the computer so I did it on a  google drawing. We had to write our topic in the middle and write a fact beside it. Then we has to find three to five websites on that fact. We had to do at least six facts. Mr Lunn added 1 more thing to the people that were done, we had to go down to the library and find a book on our topic and it had to at least have one fact that we have written in our popplet (or other digital artefacts), but I could not find a book on burgers so I the teacher and he said that it was okay because lots of other people hadn't found one too. Some of my facts are interesting like the first name for hamburger was hamburg in Germany! It is important to have looked it more than 2 websites when your looking for the answer to a fact because some websites can be false! 

By:Amy M


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i liked your explanation about burgers

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