Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Black Cat of Gillywind Street

Our Manaiakalani Movie 2015

For literacy in term three our literacy group’s goal was to write a Narrative poem and reform it into a movie that we would be proud showing at the Manaiakalani film festival in 2015 With the help of our teachers and the Stonefields School learning process we created it!.

Firstly we had to build our knowledge by looking at the structure of other narrative poems, We looked at many different poems such as The Highwayman and The Charge of the light brigade (which are early Victorian poems that follow the type of poem that we were going to write) and analysed the meaning, moral and structure of these poems. Then we made a Success criteria out of the poems we analysed.

We used the Learning Process as a guideline for our poem. We started off Building Knowledge  and finding out what a narrative poem is.  
(It is a type of poem that follows a specific structure to tell a story, that’s why it’s named a Narrative poem)
We then wrote our poem - the black cat of Gillywind St using the structural success criteria that we made earlier. We then added the movie to run alongside it

Making the claymation movie was challenging because the clay figures had a lot of clay so therefore they were hard to move. Even though the clay was hard to move we still managed to make it and Mia found some cool textures and real rocks to make the animation much more realistic. Our movie has two parts one that was animated the other was filmed (When we were getting out of bed!).

When we finished our movie we took time to edit and make sure our movie was up to a standard that we would be proud to show to many people.
We used iMovie to edit the animation because it is a easy and effective editing program that we know and use a lot . Now our movie is finished and able for you to watch.

By Daria and Mia