Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Black Cat of Gillywind Street

Our Manaiakalani Movie 2015

For literacy in term three our literacy group’s goal was to write a Narrative poem and reform it into a movie that we would be proud showing at the Manaiakalani film festival in 2015 With the help of our teachers and the Stonefields School learning process we created it!.

Firstly we had to build our knowledge by looking at the structure of other narrative poems, We looked at many different poems such as The Highwayman and The Charge of the light brigade (which are early Victorian poems that follow the type of poem that we were going to write) and analysed the meaning, moral and structure of these poems. Then we made a Success criteria out of the poems we analysed.

We used the Learning Process as a guideline for our poem. We started off Building Knowledge  and finding out what a narrative poem is.  
(It is a type of poem that follows a specific structure to tell a story, that’s why it’s named a Narrative poem)
We then wrote our poem - the black cat of Gillywind St using the structural success criteria that we made earlier. We then added the movie to run alongside it

Making the claymation movie was challenging because the clay figures had a lot of clay so therefore they were hard to move. Even though the clay was hard to move we still managed to make it and Mia found some cool textures and real rocks to make the animation much more realistic. Our movie has two parts one that was animated the other was filmed (When we were getting out of bed!).

When we finished our movie we took time to edit and make sure our movie was up to a standard that we would be proud to show to many people.
We used iMovie to edit the animation because it is a easy and effective editing program that we know and use a lot . Now our movie is finished and able for you to watch.

By Daria and Mia


Unknown said...

Hi hub 3 I liked the part when the cat brought back dead mouse. Will there be a part two?

Brittany said...

Hi Daria and Mia, I really loved your movie because the poetry was very good and the stop-motion was amazing! Keep up the good work!

Shanya R said...

Hi hub 3 I am Shanya.
I liked how you transformed a poem into a little video also I liked how you made the characters with clay. Will there be a Part 2 ?

Mataio Kurtas @ PES said...

I thought it was very

Unknown said...

cool animation

Calvin said...

What funny movie guys that might be my 2th favourite iv seen. The funny part was when that cat was taking that rat and the close up looked like a stare BUT GREAT JOB I LOVED IT AND KEEP UP THAT HARD WORK. : )

Unknown said...

Great work with the claymation Hub 3. What a wonderful way to recreate the story.
How many pictures did you need to take to complete this movie?
From Mrs Parker Room 7, Glenbrae School.

Caleb said...

hay hub 3 good movie liked how you made it like Dr Seuss. It was funny the camera angles

Cormac said...

This is amazing it must of taken i long time good work

Unknown said...

I love the fact that you guys made everything out of modeling clay but you guys as narators might need a bit of work on that becuase at some parts you messed up and you need to have more exprision in your naration.

Unknown said...

I liked how you based everything to do with the poem it turned out really cool. The one thing you could of improved on is the making of the dog look better, I think your camera shot where really good. My favourite part is everything the poem the animation.

Unknown said...

I really liked your film it was really interesting. I think you could improve on is the dog because the dog looked a bit weird. Your camera shots were great . My favorite part is how you guys actually made a narrative poem and recording it in the clay animation. Your clay animation was really realistic.

Unknown said...

Hi. My name is Ashton R

I like your video

You could improve on camera work

The camera shots were good but could be improved

The purpose was good as well

Unknown said...

Hi My name is Ashton

and this is some stuff about this movie.
I liked the animals
They should Improve making the could be more strait
Camera shots could be more strait
Favorite part was when the dog tried to scratch the cat
the purpose of this was to entertain

Angela L said...

Kia ora hub 3. I really enjoyed your movie. My favourite part was when the cat was finding food and then the dog came and was chasing the cat. I was happy when the cat got food. It was a good movie because the cat had food to eat after all.

Zoe said...

Hi hub 3, loved your movie it was cool that you used clay for the cat and the road and things l bite you worked really hard on it.

Kush said...

Kia ora hub 3, I really liked the sentences that you used and the pictures that you used for the movie. My
favorite part was when the can got away from the dog and the cat caching the mouse.
From Kush

Lucea said...

Hello, LH3. Your movie is very descriptive and exciting. My favourite part was when the cat climbed up the lamp post. I would like to do be able to that too! Will you write another part for another movie?

maia said...

Kia ora hub 3 I thought that your movie was really cool

How did you make it look so realistic?

Mrs Chant said...

Such incredible collaboration Hub 3, fantastic to hear! I hope you're all settling back into school and making the most of all of your opportunities :)

Unknown said...

Francis, Hub 5, 2016.
Hello there, that was very interesting and the most fantastic stop motion/animation, I have ever seen, related to the specific characters in the movie. It rhymed well, and was very informing, of what our cats might be up to at night! Nothing to improve on, just to remember just to keep up what your doing, and improve the good work!
Kind regards, Francis B.

Unknown said...

Hi Mia and Daria. I really liked your stop motion movie! The scenes looked so real. How did you make the lighting look so good?
You did a really good job!

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