Thursday, 17 April 2014

What are cupcakes? silly

 Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly, finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language

  • Introduction - What is a cupcake
  • Explanation sequence   -  who makes the cupcakes
                                                     - types of cupcakes
                                                   - How can we make a cupcake
  • Conclusion - That’s what cupcakes are

Have you ever wondered what is a cupcake and who makes it so yummy?How are they so pretty? I know!I even have a cupcake maker.Do you know who is that? I will tell you my secret right now.

Who makes the cupcake
I have a fairy, that helps me make cupcakes whenever I want. Every Morning, she goes dressed as a human, to buy the Ingredients. Then I will take the the cupcake she made to school as lunch. All the children are jealous of me as I have pretty and yummy cupcakes every morning.   My fairy is with white sparkling wings and is quite big like a human size. She has magical powers, to get whichever cooking tool she needs whenever she wants.

Types of cupcakes
There are many different types of cupcakes.There are chocolate, vanilla,rice cereal,peanut,pinata,apple pie, and lots more.The fairy is going once a week to fairy town to get recipes for six days,but all of them are different types.On Monday we have apple pie cupcakes,on tuesday pinata cupcakes,on wednesday chocolate cupcakes,on thursday peanut cupcakes,on friday rice cereal cupcakes,on saturday vanilla cupcakes and on sunday she is going to fairy town.That’s our schedule.

How can we make a cupcake
Well if you want to make a cupcake you have to catch a fairy, or a fairy may just come to you. Then maybe you can have cupcakes for free everyday. If you want to catch a fairy you have to go to queen st in auckland and go to a toy shop. They are usually there waiting for someone to come and they would follow you home. The good thing is that the fairy never leaves you.

Now you know  my cupcake secret and how to have it your self. We all now know what cupcakes are. Pretty,yummy and magical. Oh and good luck finding your fairy!

Why Do Sharks Eat People?

I know that you all are sometimes afraid to swim in the ocean. Don’t think that I don’t know why. You are afraid to be eaten by a shark. But why eat you, especially when you’re having so much fun in the water? Maybe something annoys them? Or maybe they simply like you? I'm not sure about any of these things, so I'll find out with you.

Firstly, let’s go visit the beach. Look at all of the waves. What do you see in them? I'm sure you’re hallucinating if you see a shark, because they swim further away then you can see. They sometimes do come to the shallow water, because of the people. They like something from us. Well, we can’t really say “like”. Lets say something more like hate. We have something that they don’t…

Secondly, I know that if a shark bites your leg, you would scream: “I'm attacked!” No your not. It is. That's right sharks don’t attack people. We attack them. But how? When we swim we have to move our legs and to hit water. They are irritated with that so badly that they are forced to bite you. If you could swim without moving they wouldn't bite you. But I'm not sure if you can swim without moving. That's going to be hard. How to defend then?

As well, I said, the question is how to defend? I can help with that. Make sure you know all swimming Technics. You should be in able to do each of them perfectly. Don’t be afraid to take the swimming lessons. Don’t go too far in the water. It’s dangerous. Have a friend with you. Swim in safe waters.
Safety is most important.

Finally, you’re surrounded with no escape except a few. Don’t chose the wrong one.  They are all around you, so be aware of the sharks…

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Measurement Presentation Vicky, Ana and Natalie

This is our Measurement Presentation
Measurement Presentation
Hope you like it!

Monets image bank

I was burning like there
was fire surrounding me.

you are all by yourself
and struggling to concentrate
on how to get out of what
you are in.

tummy twisted and scarred for
every noise just so nervous
of what is going to happen

you are waiting for
something appear
you are thirsty and hunger.

Image bank
I am burning up like there is fire surrounding me and i am so nervous i am all by myself and struggling as it hurts me to think about my other kids and how they have just dissapeared from my life. I can hear rocks crumbling 
down, my tummys twisted and i'm scared for every noise so nervous like you are eating and suddenly a tiger pounces up on you and i'm scared of what's going to happen next

our literacy

How is this happening why why was it them who had to suffer why wasn't it meeee!!!! this is just a bad dream this is all just a stupid bad dreeeeaam stop tricking me I'm hurt with pain, I'm sore with the pain of a microwave falling on my back burning half of my back and glass as deep as how a plug would go into the wall. I have bruises as big as rugby balls, but most importantly I lost everyone I ever loved I lost my son, I lost my wife, I lost my baby. I don't believe that it’s all gone, how can I look at this cracks in the roads emo buildings and wait is that a helicopter down at the bottom of my doorway there's a radio beacon, I’ll just get my basket with a string. Okay here we go wow this is hard, wait wait I got it yes, okay I’ll just lore it up yay i got it wow this thing has a lot of buttons oh this is the one hello hello does anyone copy does anyone copy wait hello yes yes I am in the city I need help immediately yes thank so much, you don't know how much this means to me, thank you so so much.

How are rainbows formed?

Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly, finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language

15/4/14                                     How are rainbows formed? (Silly)

Have you ever wondered how are rainbows formed, who made them and why we have them. Although there are many scientific stories to this, let me tell you the true reason why are rainbows formed and even exist. Rainbows exist because of leprechauns. Leprechauns are short, have curly hair and also wear green. Leprechauns each have a pot for gold.

Who made rainbows?
The Leprechaun king makes rainbows. There is a very forgetful leprechaun that always leaves his pot unattended. The leprechaun king had to think of a way to stop him from doing that. He could cast spells. So, he thought of an idea, to cast a spell on his pot.

How a rainbow is formed?
A rainbow is formed when it rains. The spell that the leprechaun king cast will only work if there is rain and a bit of sun. The pot cast with a spell will then beam out a colourful arch of colours. The rainbow will then be a reminder for the leprechaun. Once the leprechaun takes the pot away from rain it will stop the spell from working.

Why do we have it?
The rainbow helped the leprechaun not have a habit of leaving his belongings alone. That also taught him to value his valuables, such as his pot. But until now, the leprechaun still sometimes will forget about his pot. So, when we see a rainbow, he must have forgotten about his pot again. That is why we have a rainbow.     
Finally, now you know rainbows are actually a spell. This is the true reason why rainbows are formed and even exist.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Joshua Iosefo

We were lucky enough to have another awesome role model for success in the school today. Joshua Iosefo, the man most well known  for his 'Brown Brother' speech, came in and delivered some great stories. He told us of his inspirational grandfather, who came to New Zealand with two shillings and a singlet and transformed his life to have a happy life, family and home. He spoke of inspiration as success, and that he feels his success is not his fame but his influence on others.

In hub 9 we have been examining different definitions and perceptions of success, and students suggested success is not always fame, fortune or popularity. Joshua was amazing in making this authentic, as he spoke about his success in ways that had nothing to do with money, and he was incredibly humble. A fantastic role model indeed.

Introduction: What is success?

Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly, finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language

Introduction: What is success?
Different kinds of success
People who have had success - my uncle: what, how, why? what helped him be successful.
Brother - NSW cup
How can you be successful?
what is success
success is when you do something in your life get a good job and earn money for your family
that is success there is many ways to have success in life

different kinds of success
success is made in many ways you could have success being an accountant and earn money for your wife and kids so you can have a good life or you could have an ok job like a builder and ok money and still have a good life but  not being as rich and it is not all about being rich as long as you are happy you are successful  you can be as you want to be t\hen there is a bad job the bad job is a rubbish truck job you earn about 12$ a week and that is not fun and won't have enough money

people who have had success
My Uncle
many people have done some amazing things in there life things that they thought they never could do but they did. My uncle has recently just done an iron man in taupo  and never stopped because he said he wouldn't stop . any way he also has done three half iron men and also has done one marathon and five half marathons he is one of most successful guy i know. my uncle
is a great fisher man two he won the biggest marlin award he caught it under the harbour bridge he has been really

People who have had success

my brother has been training for years to make his goal all of my family is proud of him he has just won a premiership and now he made his goal is to make it to the nrl at the moment his goal is nearly accomplished. he has trained very hard to make his nsw cup debut he has been in the under 20s holden cup , bundi cup and now has made his destination to the nsw cup for this year his goal for next year is hoping to be in the nrl his dream always was to play professional rugby  league in the nrl his dream was to be a vodafone warrior now i want copy him and train as i can to be a famous rugby league star like my brother.  

What is success?


Have you ever wondered what is success? What do you need it for? Is it a good or a bad thing? I think I might know answers to these questions...
Firstly, I’ll ask you what do you think it could be? Some people say that success is being rich and famous. Nothing else. Do you think the same? I don’t. Why do they think that? I think that they think that cause thats their kind of success, they love money, expensive stuff and to have fans. For example - we all know who’s Justin Bieber, right? He’s like them, and he likes life in that way.                                 
Secondly, success can be making your dreams come something more than just a dream. Turning your ideas into miracles. It can mean making yourself happy, or sometimes other people. It can mean doing something thats never done before. Your success can change the world. Behind every implemented successful ideas, is success. Inventing something is success. Albert Einstein was successful, we all know his name now. He developed general theory of relativity. He changed the world. But that isn’t the only kind of success. Success can as well be making a paper plane. But the main point of what success is - working hard on something and finally making it to the top.

As well, I’m not sure if you know how to do that? First, try by having a goal. Then try to make a plan of what you should do. Start doing things from your plan and don’t stop until the end. When you’re finished, you will feel taste of success! But not all successes have a plan. Some happen by accident. Popsicles are made by accident. They are made by Frank Epperson. He had an accident success and changed the world. He made lots of people happy and you can to.

Finally, flyaway and make your success, change your world. Go and find out what are your limits! Be the best, and feel good about it.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Integrating science into literacy - Home Made Lava-Lamps

The last 2 weeks we have been writing explanations relating to oil and water. We built our knowledge about the properties and characteristics of these substances, then explored authentic examples  like the Rena disaster in New Zealand and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Part of student voice at Stonefields was the demand for more science in our writing. So we also built knowledge on molecules, density, mixtures and emulsions, reactions and more. A huge amount of hard work and purposeful learning went down before we could create our lava lamps - but it was worth it.

Experiment Day

Discussion and Explanation 
First off, Mr Lunn explained to us how a lava lamp can be created. We only needed household ingredients, and a bit of scientific knowledge. We discussed as a class the key words and understandings we would need in order to know and explain what was happening in the experiment.

Collaboration is valued very highly here at Stonefields, and so we each had different roles in the experiment procedure to give everyone a turn. Some of us were scribes, some of us were on camera duty, and the others helped with the ingredients. Everyone was so engaged and into it, great to see!

The experiment

We are currently working on presentations to explain how we made the lava lamps.
Watch this space, because next Monday it will be filled with iMovies, animations and other multimedia that conveys our learning.