Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Penguin Wars #2

We continue our Penguin Wars Manaiakalini Festival tradition, by entering the sequel to last year's "Penguin Wars". What you see before you is the result of endless hours of designing, modelling, placing, shooting, remodelling, placing, shooting, re-remodelling, moving, adapting, hair tearing and celebrating. We used stop motion filming to simulate the illusion of movement and action for our penguins. This meant that we had to shoot each frame individually and edit them together, very quickly. We really hope that you enjoy our film and please don't forget to comment! By Maddy, Victoria, Sophia, Helen, Alex and Yanni.


Luca said...

Well done guys, this was an amazing use of stop motion I liked it because of it's creativity.

Phaezon said...

Hey stone fields I like your movie. I like the penguin and how you talk

by phaezon

AKBM21403 said...

I think that you took a lot of effort to make this film more interesting and also like that you made a sequel on the first penguin wars.

Good Job!

Kauri said...

That must of taken alongtime for that movie

Brianna said...

I like how your movie was a sequel and to the other penguin movie I especially enjoyed hen your voices changed and how the penguins looked really cool. Cool animation.

From Brianna

Shiloh Vatikani said...

Kia Ora Stone fields
I like you guys made an animation with play dough. Your movie was very creative. We tried to make our movie creative too. What was the best part of making your movie ?

Mikayla said...

Kia Orana.
This is an amazing film on penguins and wars. I like how you used animals instead of real people. Very creative! I also loved how you drawed your settings out and formed your characters with playdoh. How did you film your movie? Also your music went really well with your guys film. Very well done.

Xavier @ Glen Innes School said...

What a great movie about Penguin Wars 2. I think that your movie is great because other people will like it movie.

Harry said...

Hi Stone fields
I love your penguin wars 2. My favorite part was when the two ninjas were fighting I wonder how long it took you to make the first and second video keep up the great work.
By Harry

korilee T said...

Hi stone fields
your movie was very cool I like the penguins
keep the good work up

Bar said...

Hi Hub 9!
Awesome video! I really enjoyed it. The Stop Motion animation was really cool, and I liked how you voiced over a rhyming poem in the background. How long did it take you to come up with the poem?

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