Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Minecraft Movie full

Hi guys here is the full Minecraft movie hope you enjoy. Please commment and watch in HD it has been uploaded in that. We decided to use Minecraft as a publishing, narrative tool. We decided to do this as we find it a really engaging way to depict a story. First we had to create our own original world, that couldn't be burnt down! We had to be really determined during this process and it took us quite a while. Once we had our world and storyboards planned out, we used screen capture to capture the footage, that we wanted, from different angles. All that was left then, was to add our own voice overs, to create the narrative plot. We really hope you enjoy our movie and please leave comments below! By Matthew, Zeb and Lawson.


Natalie Goh said...

Hi Matthew, Zed and Lawson,

I love the way you used everyone's favorite game, Minecraft to create a movie! The sound effects are amazing. It is really interesting to see a new type of movie. Keep it up!


Chris B said...

Well done team. I know how determined you have had to be to achieve this. There were lots of steps on the journey and your finished product really illustrates the care you have taken and your attention to detail. Great learning!

Room19 said...

Well done to you all, I really enjoyed the movie and the fun storyline. Keep up the good work!

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