Thursday, 26 February 2015

Website Check - Hoax


Ashton H

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How to tell if a website is a hoax

How to find if a site is real or not - Tony

How to spot a real or fake website - Nadav

How to find out if a website is real or not.-ethan

True Or False, How to Spot fake websites. - Michelle

Fake Websites are horrible when you really trust them... Follow my slideshow and hopefully you'll be able to spot a hoax website before something goes wrong!

How to find Hoax Websites - Reha

Have you ever found a hoax site? Do you know how to spot one? Watch this video and learn how to spot one of these horrible hoaxes. This term we have been working on critical literacy and are going to teach you what we have learnt. This is important because hoax sites are increasing meaning that you need to be able to spot when the information is wrong.
This is a presentation on how to defend yourselves against Hoaxes.

Hoax Sites and what to do about it

Here is a Presentation on how to spot hoax sites And if you see one stay safe and don't click anything on that site even if you're blocked up to ears with virus protection

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dog saves man from drowning car

Yesterday it was a tragic and heroic day. A man drove off a cliff apparently there were sharks in the water! This man was drunk when he drove off the cliff. A young man that saw the incident recalls what he saw. I was eating dinner and thats when I saw a car go flying off the edge of a cliff at Ladies Bay about a minute before the car with the man trapped in it went under water I saw a brown and black animal going closer to the car and the man. I called the fire station and the hospital before they got there the dog had pulled the man out of the car I was amazed, by the time the fire truck got here the dog had brought the man to the land I was surprised the dog did such a amazing thing risking his life for someone else. The amazing dog was brought back to his owner cured to. Just so you know this man has gone to hospital and will go to court when cured.

The man saves dog from the water.

The dog came charging down into the river he saw a piece of bacon sitting on top of the river so he went to go and grab it. he went so far in that he started drowning a man heard this really loud barking noise so the brave man came running down the hill. He started swimming to come save the dog it was really hard to swim and Carrie the dog because the dog was so heavy. but he used all of his power and made it because the man was strong enough. when the dog got back to shore he ate his piece of bacon then he ran back to his house and the man did the same thing. the owner had saw what happened the next day the owner came knocking on the brave man’s door and said thank you for what you did yesterday you saved my dog and then the man said no problem he was a modest man.

By Lara

Dog saves man from drowning car number2

humans perspective.

“Help!Somebody Please h....Image result for lady drowning in car

I was driving and talking on my phone when the red light suddenly went I tried to get of my phone and stop but I was too late.I kept going and went straight into the river.Most of the others got out of their car and watched.One of them had a dog.I looked at the owner.It was my brother with his darling mutt Buster.Buster had recognised me and he was trying to break out of his collar.He managed to get out of it and jumped into the water.That is all I could remember.I think what happened is that Buster swam to the bottom of the lake and got a rock then came up and smashed the window open.When I woke up I was in the hospital.My brother was there but he was not with buster.I tried asking him were buster was and instead of my voice I heard a computer voice.O realized that there was a tube going down my throut and into my lungs because it was sucking out the water in my lungs.I learned later that buster had died because the water was really cold.I cried and cried, but in the end I realised that buster would have died with a happy heart because he had helped me.Thank you buster where ever you are were my last word’s.



The dog was walking  with it’s owner and then the dog sees someone drowning he pulls and then he jumps in the water and then...Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.50.42 am.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.50.57 am.png

and so I think i'm mad at the guy because even though the dog saved his life he got mad at the dog

teenage and the elderly

A old woman got hit by a car the guy who was driving the car was a teenager his name was Patrick suburb.

He said he was in the gym he just finished and he was really refreshed then he drove home. Suddenly there was a old lady just crossing the road then Patrick looked at the light and the light was green but the old lady looked at the light the light was red and then Patrick hit the old lady and got into a car accident after that they were both in the hospital.

The old lady forgot to wear her glasses to look at the lights she thought the light was red but it was green thats how she got hit on the other hand the teenager was driving fine he was in the right speed.

They went to the court the teenager was innocent and  the old lady was guilty for crossing the road at the wrong time. She had a 15 day period in prison and ordered to were permanent contact lenses.

The brave dog

                               The brave dog

The dog races to the drowning car. The car sinking deeper and deeper as the dog stares at the man sinking in the car. The brave dog leaps into the water, determinedly trying to open the highest door. And with the help of the owner successfully opens the door. The man crawls back  hoping that the dog wouldn't attack, he was scared of dogs. The dark brown dog jumps into the car grabbing the man by the shoe and dragging him out of  the car and onto the grass the man lay on the grass frightened, his eyes full of surprise staring at the dog...

Cat Fights Dog!!

Cat Fights Dog!!

Once there was a  beautiful loyal dog and he was outside and next door they were selling a house. This family moved in and they had a Grumpy mean cat and they dog was excited and so at night the dog goes out side and they cat came by and kept on Scratching the dog and hitting it. The dog just wanted to be friends with cat but the grumpy old mad cat kept on hitting it. The dog was so scared and so sore of the scratches that the cat did that he went inside and the dog kept and howling and howling the owner looked at the dog and he knew that it was the cat because it looked like it. Next day the owner went and talked to the next niebours and the dog lived well.


Dog Saves man from a drowning car

Dog Saves man from a drowning car

The dog

There was a big dalamatain dog he was walking around the lake he saw a car floating on the water the dog thought that he should go and check in the car. When the dog went through his window he saw a man calling help but no one can hear him because he was in the drowning car the dog went in the car and carried the man back to shore it was quite a long swim because it was 2 meters away from shore half way the dog got very tired and were about to sink well then the man held the dog so then he can swim not sink. They were nearly there after a while they were on shore the man said''thank you very much dog i wouldn't stay alive without your help'' then the man said do u want some food and the dog barked and he was happy so then the man bought some bacon and a packet of dog food to take home so that was the journey for a dog saving a man.

By Sarah Z
24 February 2015

The dog saves man from a drowning car

The strong German Shepherd came charging down from his house to save the old man he grabbed a hold of his disgusting t-shirt the man was calling out help and help and he was crying like a big baby he was 45 years old and he can still not swim after the dog had dragged the man back to shore the man said what happened to my car. then the man said what am i going to do now then the dog and grabbed hold of the man t-shirt and the dog said were do you live and he said on the street and then the dog said what street then the man said old man street then the dog said i will take you there when the had got there the dog dumped the man on the street and then the dog ran back to the lake and spotted a piece of bacon sitting on the  seat of the car so he ate it and said that was some tasty bacon then he ran back up to his house. and then the owner said do you want some chicken wings chopp then he said yes thank you frank yeah and thanks for the meat it was delish.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dog saves humans from drowning car

I am on the dogs side.I am on the dogs side because the dog saved the human.

There is a human drowning in a car.I must go and save him.I broke of my leash and jumped into the water.It was so cold but it was my job to protect humans.I swam across the currant and finally reached the human.I scraped at the window.I pushed and pulled and punched and bit but I could not open it.Then I had and Idea.I dived under-water and got the biggest stone I could find.I lifted it up with my mouth and swam to the surface.I started swimming backwards.I got to the start of  the lake and started swimming forward really fast.I got to the car and didn’t stop I kept on going and got to the window.It smashed into a hundred peices.I jumped in and grabed the human with my mouth.By this time Some of the humans watching had called the police and the ambulance.I draged the human out of the car and draged him to the surface.I was shivering but I stayed in the water until the human was safley out of the water.Then I jumped out and started shiver of the ambulance humans wraped me in a blanket and took me to the vet in the ambulance.I listened to every thing the vet said.He said everything that I knew would not happen.I new what would really happen I would die, but, I would die with a happy heart knowing that I had done what I was ment to do.Good bye my fellow master good bye...

Brainstorm on buyas
dog saves drowning man In a car

A strong fearless street dog puts his life into danger to save a random guy drowning in his car.

The mean guy gets angry at the strong dog when he's on shore because the rude guy was drunk, and thought he was gonna try bite or attack him. The man was very selfish, he was very mean and rude, and didn’t even thank the dog.

The dog was fearless to save a selfish man. Then the drink ran out of effects then the man was still the same then he says get out you little mutt then he walks off.

The brave dog was sad because he thought that the selfish rude man would be happy but he wasn't.

Fortunately, there was a nice guy watching the fearless dog save the man the whole time the nice man was so happy that he adopted him.

barcelona is an very awesome team in spain the last time barcelona had beat the weak  real madrid with the score 10- 2 it was the last time that messi shoots the goal in to the goalie of  real madrid got a head shots with messi’s lighting ball crash his face blood came everywhere on  his face
a new goalie of real madrid came he got a fireballl of messi crash  in to his stomach  
there were no  goalies of real madrid now  the players of real madrid tried to steal the ball
of barcelona because  messi  got the ball all the time and this time all players in real madrid died because of messi’s kame kame ha kick strong as a fire ball crashing to all players in real madrid died! the score of barcelona became to change from 10 to 25 barcelona was the winner
of this year world cup after the end of the world there were fell out of the sky
it was the  hulk hulk smash said hulk hulk said to messi congratulations of winining barcelona team and smash the
real madrid! this cannot be! said abomination why is my real madrid team died evryone
hulk said because your team is weak! said hulk hahaha cool barcelona did cool! spiderman comes no! why could my team died like this said venom you have to pay for this i wil come
back a next year world cup if my team wins you die ! said the villains the heroes said then were gonna be ready for the  next worldcup and the next year real madrid and barcelona come to play again on the stadiuuum were fill of of vilians and heroes go real madrid  do noot loose barcelona venom said go go go go go go they chere and chere barcelona begin to loose but barcelllona are amazing messsi  cannot loose this weak team real madrid messi run run to  the goal of real madrid and shoot the goal and  barcelona wins the game messi shouted barcelonna is awsome!
the end

Thursday, 19 February 2015

my brain storm of neuer

in this brainstorm i have where when he was born in case your wondering it was in Gelsenkirchen 1886 march 27 Germany  these are links

march 27 1986 28 he was born in Gelsenkirchen Germany.

he is the number one Goalkeeper in the world he won the best goalkeeper award possible he won the golden glove  in the world cup which gave him the rating of 90!!! there are only four people with that rating 90+.

2014 season 21 games 41 saves 15 clean sheets
with bayern munich his last match was against hamburger sv 8 to nil a win for his team {Bayern Munich.}
here is one thing i know for sure he is a nutcase he is the only keeper who runs outside his box all the time.
he was at fc schalke then he was transferred to bayern munich he went to bayern munich in  the first of  July 2011.
his network is worth 40 million his annual salary is 9 million.

i wanted to do him because he is my favorite player 

Lanesa's Kapa Haka Popplet.

The Kapa Haka Popplet.

This is my Popplet that brainstorm  Facts about Kapa haka . In Mawhera, Mr lunn has been teaching us more than links to back or facts about Kapa Haka and rugby players and it is about looking at websites that have C.A.R.S in there website C means credentials A means Accuray and Reliability and S means supporting information.

Juliana's poppet about facts about Colombia

My Poppet is about Colombia and some of these facts are so interesting....It has facts like Colombia is in south America...

I had multiple websites for each fact because you need to know if it is true

Its important to backup our information because because it is good to back up so you know that is true that that fact is correct

Calebs awesomely awesome work on popplet

Here in my popplet i worked on, i was creating facts and evidence on my topic which is PLAYSTATION. So i had two videos which you might see bottom left. I also had links and websites on all the poppel. The websites that are linked back up what i have put in the poplet.

My favourite one would be the one that tells you playstation 4 is better than x-box 1. The playstation is thinner and has a whole new data piece where the x-box has a last minute recreated after the x-box 360 one. Here even check the website if you disagree:

My personal opinion is that playstation 4 is the best gaming console for games.

We have been learning about critical literacy. It is important to have more than one site for your information because most people will think your like one of those people that put up fake information so you need backup websites.

Amy's poppet on netball

This is my poppet that brainstorms facts about netball. In Mawhera literacy group we have been learning some critical literacy skills - one of which is the skill of backing up our facts with more then one source of information.

It is important to have at lest three sores that have that fact because that means the fact is true and it backs up the fact. My poppet has a fact and three or four sores some of them have a the page of a book. For example my fact is Cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and my three sores are , , and my book is Sporting Skills Netball chapter 4 page 10.

 this is my popplet about cricket i brainstormed lots of facts about cricket using popplet. The reason i used more the one website for the fact is to make it more true. 

Mollys Critical Literacy Soccer Facts

This is my Popplet And Here I brainstorm facts about the universe. In Mawhera literacy group we have been learning some critical literacy skills - One of which is the skill of backing up our facts with more than one source of information. This important because if information from a fact or a website is valid then It has to have backup information.

As you can see my Popplet includes multiple websites that say the same fact. For example I found the fact  more than 240 million people play soccer  world wide on here, here and here.

Also I found Intrusting facts like that Soccer started in 1872 and that England invented soccer.