Wednesday, 25 February 2015

teenage and the elderly

A old woman got hit by a car the guy who was driving the car was a teenager his name was Patrick suburb.

He said he was in the gym he just finished and he was really refreshed then he drove home. Suddenly there was a old lady just crossing the road then Patrick looked at the light and the light was green but the old lady looked at the light the light was red and then Patrick hit the old lady and got into a car accident after that they were both in the hospital.

The old lady forgot to wear her glasses to look at the lights she thought the light was red but it was green thats how she got hit on the other hand the teenager was driving fine he was in the right speed.

They went to the court the teenager was innocent and  the old lady was guilty for crossing the road at the wrong time. She had a 15 day period in prison and ordered to were permanent contact lenses.


Willy I said...

Hi Matthew S,

What a read! Poor elderly lady - forgot her glasses, then gets hit by a car, and it was her fault. Maybe next time you should a buddy to double, TRIPLE check your writing.


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