Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dog saves humans from drowning car

I am on the dogs side.I am on the dogs side because the dog saved the human.

There is a human drowning in a car.I must go and save him.I broke of my leash and jumped into the water.It was so cold but it was my job to protect humans.I swam across the currant and finally reached the human.I scraped at the window.I pushed and pulled and punched and bit but I could not open it.Then I had and Idea.I dived under-water and got the biggest stone I could find.I lifted it up with my mouth and swam to the surface.I started swimming backwards.I got to the start of  the lake and started swimming forward really fast.I got to the car and didn’t stop I kept on going and got to the window.It smashed into a hundred peices.I jumped in and grabed the human with my mouth.By this time Some of the humans watching had called the police and the ambulance.I draged the human out of the car and draged him to the surface.I was shivering but I stayed in the water until the human was safley out of the water.Then I jumped out and started shiver
ing.one of the ambulance humans wraped me in a blanket and took me to the vet in the ambulance.I listened to every thing the vet said.He said everything that I knew would not happen.I new what would really happen I would die, but, I would die with a happy heart knowing that I had done what I was ment to do.Good bye my fellow master good bye...


natasha said...

I liked your ideas. Next time try to use more strong words.

Thushara Kapilaratne said...

Its a very heart warming story and I like it heaps, next time read it before you post it and see if there is anyway to improve the meaningfulness and the impact of the sentences.I loved it anyways!!

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