Tuesday, 17 February 2015

(Luanna) WI:Excited want to read more WF:Strategies to sequence my ideas and editing and proofreading

Snow you must look into the general's mind to see if they have any records of us mutants. “Come on snow think, think” do you have information ,we must know what they are planning next. Snow then said “I've got it I've got it they have all the mutants photos that are still alive including ours by the way my name is Charles Xavier,we must not let them track us,down”

If they do,they will use the cure on us and if you are wondering what this cure is it not really a cure it’s something that government created to make us human but we mutants don’t call this a cure because their is nothing to cure,and if we get the cure the whole school will panic because they looked up to us as good mutants that we help people all over the world.And then the whole school will all be forced to get the cure because they have built these robots,that are even more powerful then Jean,Jean was the most powerful mutant in the world she could kill us in 10 seconds or even less,so we are in Big trouble.

(I go to wolverine wolverine is part wolf part human he has a really good sense of smell and also he is very hairy so i go  to tell him about the bad news i go to wolfervine because he is also a head mutant like me and Snow now wolverine screams he hates the government then i yell to him to keep it together wolfervine gets so angry and hops on his motorcycle and drives away because he doesn't want the cure and he doesn't want the government to find him the last time the government found him he was chased on a runway and he exploded a helicopter and i can’t say he almost died because he will just come back to life, that’s one of wolverine power if he smashed with a bullet he will pull out the bullet then he will heal,pretty cool tight.So he wasn't always good with the government.

Since wolverine wouldn't help me i would have to get our best students to help me and snow.
Now we had to find a way to get the photos so we can burn all of them before it’s too late and save all the mutant kind before it’s too late.


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