Tuesday, 17 February 2015

WI: To make the reader feel for the zebra WF: To balance the amount of character monologue to the description outside of the character

The crowd begins to roar. I take a step forward and bow my head before flicking it back, allowing my mane to shimmer under the lights. I am part of a travelling circus, called El Magnifico. Very original, I know. Magnifico specialises in showing off some of the world’s most amazing animals.

In the circus, there are lions with golden brown manes, piano playing seals and half a dozen elephants that circle the tent every show, among other equally cool animals.

The second marvel of El Magnifico is the big top. It is huge. Holding up the stripy canvas is three towering masts, connected by ropes for our monkey act. Outside by the train tracks is our parked carriages, painted with bright pictures of sunsets and beaches and mountains, each of our destinations in full colour.

The lights dim, allowing the ringleader to step forwards into the spotlight. He opened his arms wide and gestured to the crowd. “Welcome to El Magnifico! Let’s start the show!” he shouted.

Our ring leader's name is Andrew, and he has an incredibly short temper. When you first meet Andrew, make one wrong move and he will snap. The inflated ego from running El Magnifico is really not helping. Despite all this, I like Andrew. He has been kind to me for all the years I have worked for him, always making sure I have enough hay to eat and space to sleep.

I prepared for my first act, quietly stomping my hooves in a slow clopping motion. My fellow team of zebras strided out to join me. Our task was to run in circles while carrying an assortment of juggling penguins. They waddled into the canvas big top and stood obediently beside their allotted zebra, grasping colourful rubber balls in their flippers.

A match was struck in the darkness. It was placed in a large drum filled with dry firewood and coals, immediately bursting into flame. The crowd collectively gasped. Andrew retrieved his ring leader baton, which was topped with a very pretty ruby. He pointed it towards the entrance to the ring, which was our cue to start.

The show brought in more money than ever. Everybody had loved the duo of the adorable penguins and the graceful zebras. All the animals were given an extra big dinner that night we had enough money left over to patch up various holes in the big top. Andrew was happy, my friends were happy, and best of all, I was happy.


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