Thursday, 19 February 2015

Calebs awesomely awesome work on popplet

Here in my popplet i worked on, i was creating facts and evidence on my topic which is PLAYSTATION. So i had two videos which you might see bottom left. I also had links and websites on all the poppel. The websites that are linked back up what i have put in the poplet.

My favourite one would be the one that tells you playstation 4 is better than x-box 1. The playstation is thinner and has a whole new data piece where the x-box has a last minute recreated after the x-box 360 one. Here even check the website if you disagree:

My personal opinion is that playstation 4 is the best gaming console for games.

We have been learning about critical literacy. It is important to have more than one site for your information because most people will think your like one of those people that put up fake information so you need backup websites.


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