Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mollys Critical Literacy Soccer Facts

This is my Popplet And Here I brainstorm facts about the universe. In Mawhera literacy group we have been learning some critical literacy skills - One of which is the skill of backing up our facts with more than one source of information. This important because if information from a fact or a website is valid then It has to have backup information.

As you can see my Popplet includes multiple websites that say the same fact. For example I found the fact  more than 240 million people play soccer  world wide on here, here and here.

Also I found Intrusting facts like that Soccer started in 1872 and that England invented soccer.


kiyara said...

Hi Molly
I like the way you have lots of websites and infomation, but have you copyed Ana's explenation?If you have I think that is a kind of bad idea since this is your work.You should use somthing uniqe

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