Wednesday, 25 February 2015

24 February 2015

The dog saves man from a drowning car

The strong German Shepherd came charging down from his house to save the old man he grabbed a hold of his disgusting t-shirt the man was calling out help and help and he was crying like a big baby he was 45 years old and he can still not swim after the dog had dragged the man back to shore the man said what happened to my car. then the man said what am i going to do now then the dog and grabbed hold of the man t-shirt and the dog said were do you live and he said on the street and then the dog said what street then the man said old man street then the dog said i will take you there when the had got there the dog dumped the man on the street and then the dog ran back to the lake and spotted a piece of bacon sitting on the  seat of the car so he ate it and said that was some tasty bacon then he ran back up to his house. and then the owner said do you want some chicken wings chopp then he said yes thank you frank yeah and thanks for the meat it was delish.


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