Tuesday, 17 February 2015

WI - To make the reader feel happy and calm at the same time WF - Detail and description about what is happening. Not just speech.

Come on guys you’re gonna be late Cried Murray. It was a long walk for everyone. Finally we are here Craig said with relief. They were waiting there for ages normally something like this would have happened already.

"What's happening Murray I thought you said that it was happening now, "Hang on Craig just a few more minutes" Murray Growled. They had nothing to do but Craig did, he had always had a creative mind he could make something that was boring into a fun thing to do.

"Why don't we go and roll down the mountain it would be fun, it would also take our minds off of this mountain and into some fun" Craig said with enthusiasm. Everyone had their minds on different things and didn't a single word that Craig said. Hello did you guys hear me, Murray come on man you're making the more boring. I could see that Craig was so sad that no one was listening so i did.

"What was that Craig sorry I wasn't listening I was too busy thinking about the mountain what were you saying" I asked trying to be polite. Craig didn't believe that I was listening to him he thought that I would say that and then ignore him again, how would I make it up to him. Wait do you hear that. What are you talking about Murray there's nothing to hear only if you were going to listen to me Craig said in a dramatic way.

" thump thump". What was that cried Craig. I told you didn't i its that sound wait no look, what's that smell Cried Murray. GET DOWN STAY LOW CRAIG Yelled Murray. Its Erupting and if you don’t listen to me now then you will become ashes so you better get down now Screamed Murray.


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