Sunday, 29 March 2015

Infomercial: Critical literacy

For critical literacy this term, we were given a task to use infomercials to sell a product. We have completed this task based off our success criteria and uploaded it to YouTube. To watch our infomercial, click the link above.

-Victoria, Helen and Shirin

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Roquia's Persuasive Writing: World War One

Should I go to War

WAR, is the most horrible thing in the world, There is no showers, There is Blood everywhere , no fresh food or water , Everyone smells, There is no proper toilets.  Why would you go???

The British have just taken over your land and now you want to go and fight for them. They have treated you like slaves , They have probably threatened you and now they are forcing you to go and fight for them. There is no point in going.

You shouldn't go to war because there is a possible chance that you could die. How? You could get shot in the head or other places or get diseases or starve get sea sick there is so many ways you could dies .You would never see your family again and you would miss them a lot because you would be away from them for more than a year.

The conditions in war are absolutely atrocious. There is no showers, It will smell just like sweat, Blood every where No proper Toilets. There isn't proper meals to eat, Or fresh water.

These are the reasons why you shouldn't go to war.

By Roquia

Ashton's king and country world war 1

World war one the maori King and country

I think they should go to war because if they don’t they could lose even more stuff than they already have. They are at the risk of being thrown in Jail and being treated even worse that they already have. and if they do go to war they could win all their land back. Even if they lose the war they could win their land back.

Firstly If they don’t go to war they are at risk of losing even more land pets food crops that they already have. If that happen they probably would all slowly die off and then there is no one to look after their land and suddenly all of the native creature and plants will die.

Secondly they would be at the risk of going to jail or being taken as prisoner. If that happened They would be treated worse than they already have been and while they're in jail the british might cut all the trees and plant’s down to make more houses in britain. If they did that it would mean that we wouldn’t have all of these beautiful and native plants in new zealand any more.

Finally if they go to war they could prove their country as not just an island down at the bottom of the planet they could fight they could win a war. If they win they also could win back more land than they have lost

World war one Matthews narrative

I would go to the war so I can turn back in the British and kill them one by one because…

They took our land to be their empire and they made some of us maids and peasant and now they want us to help them with the war I said yes so I can turn back and kill them one by one.
First I worked hard training every day to get strong and stronger so it would be easier to carry guns and carry people and throw them or just carry hearted people and carry them to the medic soldier. first I do push up jumps and lots more then its morning again and do all those things again.

Then the british called all the people that wanted to go to the war we went on a big ship there were 4000 people who wanted to fight on world war one. We landed we all knew they were waiting for us then we ran shooting everybody. It was my chance to turn back I killed the british them one by one finally I killed all of them then I went back on the ship with the other maoris.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why I would go to war

I Would go to war because I get a trip overseas and also I would just go to war and kill the british empire and then come back to NZ. Because the British empire was treating as like slaves. We were also treated like rubbish. I think that is unfair because we did not do anything and then the british empire just came and stole our country and took the job as being the king. So I would go to war. Also because I would make My family proud I would do good for our  country.

By Juliana

Eric and the first world war

While playing sport there was a young man ask  me  that
“young Eric would too  like to go to  the world war?”.  I was thinking
at first i think i would go to the war, I can protect my family and find new technology
and weapons, but i said  “I   would  not go to the  war. He replied  “Why not?”  he asked me
“I said if i go to the war I would miss my family  and  I might die and never see  my      family again”. and  if i die” my mum would be very sad and my family  will never see me again”. “And I would not be able to  see my family after all and why would you wanted  to go to the war?”I asked. “because my family have no money and even has no house
so this  is the  reason why I wanted to go to war”.”But my family has a bit money  and
a house”. “I  just don't have  to go  to war  and if I  got kill by the British empire
they are going to rush my world and steal every treasure in my  land”.” I don't want my family to get kill by the  British empire”.” And my land that i am  living is  going  to
get rushed by the british empire and every one in this land is going killed by the british empire”.” but if you can’t protect your family you can’t protect everyone in this
land”.” So you should probably go to train for  you to  be a  soldier” “I won’t
be a soldier because i want to protect my land and my family from the british empire
so  I will make sure no one of the British empire destroy my family  and land”
“because if  I die who will protect my family who will  stop the British empire from destroying my”.” Land and that  is the reason why I don’t want to go to war”. “

The End
Why You Should Not Go To War

Introduction paragraph - state your point of view and hook the reader.

Intro- WAR,  Is the most horrible thing that you could do you could get killed it is the worst thing that was ever invented. The conditions are below average, you are forced to murder other people, and while you are gone you will miss the people that are back in New Zealand waiting for you.

The reason People should not go to war you could get killed the conditions are yuck and you might have to sleep on the floor. When you go to war if you win and you get killed during the war and you will not be able to live your land. You could miss your family or lose your family.

and you also have to shoot people some people don't like shooting other, the reason because you are killing people you don't even know and you have to watch them drop to the ground and you kill people for doing nothing wrong.

By going to war you are leaving behind your family and other people.while  they are in New Zealand waiting for you to come back when you probably won't and you are in another place while your fighting and they are waiting. that is why you should not go to war.


World War One Narrative - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
At the start of the day, everything was normal. I sneaked out again, to see my friend. He is Maori I’ve never told anyone about the things we do. We would try and seek for the limits, and find a better life. He would tell me about his culture, and I would tell him about mine. But none of this could happen today. It was terrifying to hear that, my legs were shaking. “Do not worry” A calming voice told me. “He won’t have to go.” I know my mum was just trying to calm me down but I burst into tears. So many innocents. I might not be able to see my father again. But we weren’t the only ones they wanted. I don’t know how will this end as.

Dear Diary,
I’m staring. Just staring as the wind blows my tears away. But things won’t change. And I’m just a kid. “Isla, who are you kidding?” I whispered to myself. “I’ll miss you” I whispered one more time as I stared at faces full of fear, hugging loved ones. Another tear drops. But fears won’t just drop out of your head. I hate watching this, but I guess it makes me feel better. Knowing I’m not the only one. The only one trying to hide the rain in my eyes with a fake smile. My heartbeat is going faster. I don’t believe it. He did it. He’s going to war. “Maaka, don’t!” I shouted my heart out. He didn’t listen. The paper was already signed. These coal black eyes facing me were smiling as I felt a thunderstorm deep inside. I just ran towards him. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. My mum called me. I had to go home.

Dear Diary,
After breakfast I quickly ran out the door. He was waiting for me at our usual place. It’s strange the waterfalls still shined like a thousand stars while sorrow was everywhere around it. He apologised. Still he said he must go. “Why?” I asked full of anger. Thats when he started explaining. “If I don’t go you will not be safe. I want to protect you. And my family. You’ve helped us more than anyone before. I must go, for you.” I swallowed and spoke. “Do you really think that if you leave I’ll be happier? I’ll die from these fears. You don’t understand. Don’t go. Please.” I said quieter and quieter. He put on a fake smile. “Wrong. You will die if I don’t go. But I will return, I promise. And think of everybody I will be protecting. What will happen if I stay. They will take our land, they will kill everybody. They won’t take it easy even on your little brother.” Suddenly I found a big lump in my throat. I hugged him. “Keep your promise!” I shouted.

Dear Diary,
I don’t know what to do! I’m freaked out, in my bed. I never felt like this about anyone. “Come back, come back, come back,...” I keep saying in my head. Every minute seems like a thousand years. I’m crying. I don’t even know if he’s still standing on his feet. Maybe he isn’t breathing anymore. I feel like my heart is going to jump out. I roll off of my bed. I hear a knock on the door. I need to pretend I’m asleep. It was mum. She left now. His words suddenly jump into my head. “What will happen if I stay. They will take our land and kill everybody.” I have to hold it in. I take a big breath. I know he will be back. I just do. If he doesn’t… I can’t say… I have to get up, I can’t just lay here the whole time. But I did anyway. Nothing I can do.

Dear Diary,
The news came out. They are shooting now. Murdering each other this very second, while I am having breakfast. Is he still there, will he be back. It’s like it was just yesterday we met. “Mum, do you think…” I stopped. I can’t finish the sentence. I’m dying inside. Who are they to take away everything from me? I cannot live like this. A tear drops. My mum walks up towards me. “I am not saying you shouldn’t worry, but have hope and everything will be fine.” She mutters. I put up a fake smile. I run outside. I don’t care it’s raining. At least nobody will notice my tears. I whisper “Yes, I am smiling, but inside I’m dying…” As I walked away from home, the stars came out, reminding me of the time we spent together. But soon they will be back. Please do.

Dear Diary,
As days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. He should be eighteen now. Happy birthday. Well, I hope it will be happy. We won. Today soldiers should return. I’m waiting by the ships. Two pitch black spots caught my eye. I couldn’t believe it! He’s here! I run towards him. As we drifted closer together, our eyes closed and our lips touched. So many tears drifted. My mum was watching, she said nothing, just put a grin on her face, yet she was worried. I remembered why. “Dad!” I screamed. Everybody was off the ship. He hasn’t come. He’s gone. I fell. I screamed. I miss him.

Dear Diary,

Long time has gone since Dad… Ok, it’s my eighteenth Birthday and I got the best present you can think of. A ring. It’s hard for me, I have to admit. But I can’t go back in time to fix what has been done. I wish I could. “Yes!” I spit out without thinking. This seemed to be the only thing that made me smile since that day.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WF - Detail and description about what is happening. Not just speech. WI - To make the Reader feel Worried and Happy at the same time.

The incredible David Beckham

“ GO DAVID GO GET THAT BALL “ Yelled Suzy. Why would she be yelling at me I already have the ball so she doesn't need me to get the ball gosh I thought. Here I go yes Score Nailed it. “ Good shot Dave you're doing well “ Suzy Tried to encourage. “ Come on team you can do it we just need 2 more goals to make it a tie “ Yelled Coach. OK now I feel something I'm sure its nothing but it is stinging me a bit.

‘ Pass the ball Pass it ‘ I yelled. They should’ve passed it I would have been able to at least get us another goal but thanks to him we weren't able to get a goal. All this pain in my leg is making me more angry then I usually am. ‘ Come on guys you're not working as a team get together and work as a team would you ‘ Coach yelled. Ah, That pain is getting worst wheres my sub, Oh hes not here yet. ‘ DAVID ARE YOU OK’ Questioned Suzy. Oh Nah, I'm so great of course I'm hurting man it is a big pain in my leg I said.

“ I need a sub “ I say. But I see no one on the bench, no it can’t be I think it is there are no subs for me, and that means that I have to play with an injured foot. “ SUZY I NEED A SUB NOW” I yell. But I can see that suzy is looking everywhere but she can’t see anyone on the bench. “ THERE ARE NO MORE PLAYERS I WILL GO AND GET SOME BUT YOU KEEP ON PLAYING” She replies. I don’t feel so good I think this isn't going to work out.

“ I HAVE A SUB COME OFF DAVID “ Suzy yelled. So there I was running off I just about fell over but I wasn’t able to even stand when I sat down. I can’t play Suzy its to hard for me to do it I said. ‘ Its ok you can just sit there and watch we have Rolando on so we still have a solid team, You just sit there and relax’ Suzy said.