Thursday, 26 March 2015

Roquia's Persuasive Writing: World War One

Should I go to War

WAR, is the most horrible thing in the world, There is no showers, There is Blood everywhere , no fresh food or water , Everyone smells, There is no proper toilets.  Why would you go???

The British have just taken over your land and now you want to go and fight for them. They have treated you like slaves , They have probably threatened you and now they are forcing you to go and fight for them. There is no point in going.

You shouldn't go to war because there is a possible chance that you could die. How? You could get shot in the head or other places or get diseases or starve get sea sick there is so many ways you could dies .You would never see your family again and you would miss them a lot because you would be away from them for more than a year.

The conditions in war are absolutely atrocious. There is no showers, It will smell just like sweat, Blood every where No proper Toilets. There isn't proper meals to eat, Or fresh water.

These are the reasons why you shouldn't go to war.

By Roquia


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