Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WF - Detail and description about what is happening. Not just speech. WI - To make the Reader feel Worried and Happy at the same time.

The incredible David Beckham

“ GO DAVID GO GET THAT BALL “ Yelled Suzy. Why would she be yelling at me I already have the ball so she doesn't need me to get the ball gosh I thought. Here I go yes Score Nailed it. “ Good shot Dave you're doing well “ Suzy Tried to encourage. “ Come on team you can do it we just need 2 more goals to make it a tie “ Yelled Coach. OK now I feel something I'm sure its nothing but it is stinging me a bit.

‘ Pass the ball Pass it ‘ I yelled. They should’ve passed it I would have been able to at least get us another goal but thanks to him we weren't able to get a goal. All this pain in my leg is making me more angry then I usually am. ‘ Come on guys you're not working as a team get together and work as a team would you ‘ Coach yelled. Ah, That pain is getting worst wheres my sub, Oh hes not here yet. ‘ DAVID ARE YOU OK’ Questioned Suzy. Oh Nah, I'm so great of course I'm hurting man it is a big pain in my leg I said.

“ I need a sub “ I say. But I see no one on the bench, no it can’t be I think it is there are no subs for me, and that means that I have to play with an injured foot. “ SUZY I NEED A SUB NOW” I yell. But I can see that suzy is looking everywhere but she can’t see anyone on the bench. “ THERE ARE NO MORE PLAYERS I WILL GO AND GET SOME BUT YOU KEEP ON PLAYING” She replies. I don’t feel so good I think this isn't going to work out.

“ I HAVE A SUB COME OFF DAVID “ Suzy yelled. So there I was running off I just about fell over but I wasn’t able to even stand when I sat down. I can’t play Suzy its to hard for me to do it I said. ‘ Its ok you can just sit there and watch we have Rolando on so we still have a solid team, You just sit there and relax’ Suzy said.


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