Thursday, 26 March 2015

World war one Matthews narrative

I would go to the war so I can turn back in the British and kill them one by one because…

They took our land to be their empire and they made some of us maids and peasant and now they want us to help them with the war I said yes so I can turn back and kill them one by one.
First I worked hard training every day to get strong and stronger so it would be easier to carry guns and carry people and throw them or just carry hearted people and carry them to the medic soldier. first I do push up jumps and lots more then its morning again and do all those things again.

Then the british called all the people that wanted to go to the war we went on a big ship there were 4000 people who wanted to fight on world war one. We landed we all knew they were waiting for us then we ran shooting everybody. It was my chance to turn back I killed the british them one by one finally I killed all of them then I went back on the ship with the other maoris.


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