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Manaiakalani Film Festival - Black Cat of Gillywind Street

Our Manaiakalani Movie 2015

For literacy in term three our literacy group’s goal was to write a Narrative poem and reform it into a movie that we would be proud showing at the Manaiakalani film festival in 2015 With the help of our teachers and the Stonefields School learning process we created it!.

Firstly we had to build our knowledge by looking at the structure of other narrative poems, We looked at many different poems such as The Highwayman and The Charge of the light brigade (which are early Victorian poems that follow the type of poem that we were going to write) and analysed the meaning, moral and structure of these poems. Then we made a Success criteria out of the poems we analysed.

We used the Learning Process as a guideline for our poem. We started off Building Knowledge  and finding out what a narrative poem is.  
(It is a type of poem that follows a specific structure to tell a story, that’s why it’s named a Narrative poem)
We then wrote our poem - the black cat of Gillywind St using the structural success criteria that we made earlier. We then added the movie to run alongside it

Making the claymation movie was challenging because the clay figures had a lot of clay so therefore they were hard to move. Even though the clay was hard to move we still managed to make it and Mia found some cool textures and real rocks to make the animation much more realistic. Our movie has two parts one that was animated the other was filmed (When we were getting out of bed!).

When we finished our movie we took time to edit and make sure our movie was up to a standard that we would be proud to show to many people.
We used iMovie to edit the animation because it is a easy and effective editing program that we know and use a lot . Now our movie is finished and able for you to watch.

By Daria and Mia

Thursday, 25 June 2015

WF: Use short and long line tension to make my writing flow and add supporting detail. WI: Make the reader feel worried and scared.

I dragged my feet against the ground. A muddy area in front of me. Everything was destroyed by the ashes from the volcano. The unexpected eruption caused a massive amount of chaos and panic around my hometown.  I didn't have time to take any food. All I had with me was my mattress. It was weighing me down, making it harder to walk, but it was worth it.  I wanted to have something warm to sleep on. I carefully paced through the wreckage avoiding the stones in my way. Smoke slowly drifted in the wind, blowing towards me. My nose kept sniffing in the fumes from the burning wood in the forest of trees behind me. I had no idea where to go next. I lived there for all my life, I couldn’t bear to leave. I could see people in a distance trying to escape for their lives. They didn’t have anything with them. Not even a bed to sleep on. Suddenly, I had a special warm feeling inside me, like the hope I had to survive.

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NZ Flag

I chose the southern cross because you can see it from NZ, and also I liked how it looked on the present NZ flag. I chose the kiwi because it represents NZ like a mascot. I chose the silver fern because it’s NZ’s native plant. The blue background represents the Pacific Ocean, which NZ is in.

my flag

i chose the stars because that is something that i brought from the NZ flag for memories. i chose green for the green silver ferns. the blues for the sky and water and waves because the NZ flag has manly blue.


i woke up and my head was aching and my body is feeling weak my heart is beating. I can see a lever and I quickly run up the stairs and pull it it opened a door i run down the stairs and go through the door there is a chain i can see light i climb up the chain and cling on the edge.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

i choose the images on this flag because it represents the Maori culture
and the kiwi culture together so that's why i think my flag represents nz

My NZ Flag

The green circles stand for the many, many islands of New Zealand. The Blue background stand for the sea/ocean of New Zealand. The koru represents our native culture, the Maoris. The southern cross symbol stands for the southern cross represents the southern cross. Finally, the silver fern represents the native leaf of New Zealand.

Liam's flag

this is my flag that i drew the green stands for environment the red and the blue is meant to be a little bit of the union jack and the blake stands for the sports teams like all blacks , black sticks and black caps

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What the colours represent; The Black and red represent the maori culture and beliefs in new zealand, representing what New Zealand inhabited before others came to New Zealand ( pakeha ) and what New Zealand was when it was shaped for future. The green represents our landscape and our beloved and significant native bush along with what our new zealand is made up of, hills, which also links in with the shape of where the green is, a hill. What the symbols mean and why; The koru shape represents our bush and our maori / new zealand culture along with our history. The mountain represents our landscape and how it supports our bush as it supports the koru in the design. B0dhi

Monday, 25 May 2015

NZ Flag (by Reha, Sebaan and Michelle

Two kiwis to face and honour the flag bearer.Two ferns

to represent unity of the fauna and youth of the earth.The stars represent the southern cross that we live and thrive under.The kiwis are united by the species that they are and where they live.The metaphor of the scenario is we are all united by who we are and where we are.

Flag Design

This Is my Flag design for the new NZ flag The Red,Black & White are national Maori colors giving them the recognition they deserve the fern represents NZ as a whole while the blue is representative of the Union Jack While the circle with southern cross stars inside of it shows that we look after our own but will help no matter where they come from as long as it is a morally good decision
Screenshot 2015-05-21 at 10.33.48 AM.png 
My flag meaning
Moon: Night
Green: land
cloud and dark : To signal that is night and that you can see the southern cross
koru:Maori native plant  
Blue: sea
Silver Fern: Native Plant
Southern cross: A constellation that we sometimes see and it also so represents the southern people  
maori patented kiwi: the maori to resent our native culture and the kiwi resents our native animal


This is my flag design for the new NZ flag. The blue on the flag is supposed to be blue ensign which is a colour from the original flag. The red is supposed to be red ensign which is also from the original flag. I placed in a fern and kiwi to represent a bit of our Maori culture. As you see the kiwi has the 4 red stars also from the original which represents the southern cross, representing our location in the pacific ocean. Also the fern has a bit of simple patterns. 

Francis's Flag

This is my flag. I chose and designed this flag because I think that it does represents new Zealand and it shows what our country means. I also designed this flag, because it has some symbols representing new Zealand like the silver fern and the stars stand for the union jack and red and blue represents new Zealand because Red and Blue are new Zealanders colours.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

in the boy's head ico

in the boy's head .ico I have been on this horse for a hour now my whole village has been kidnaped and killed and now i'm next I’m so scared my parents are dead and i’m about to die too, where are they taking me i can't see they have put a blindfold on me. the guards are masked and unknown. this place looks like it is not used and is run down and still so old. they pulled him off the horse and took his blindfold off and forced him to walk to the boat with them through the fog he could not stand the cold. where is this, get the sword, get the sword there going to kill me I don’t wanna die o he is opening a door okay and again it is very bright wow the ruins are cool they look old, wow that's glowing um o no there going to lock me in there, this is not good for the village I don’t wanna die noo please i have to get out of here this place is sinking, i got to push errr yes o no this is going to hurt a lot argh.

sonny fai

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PopularMMOs Biography

Tom Cruise

Steph Curry Bio

Tom cruise

The Diamond Minecart

Yi Sun Shin Biography

Michael Jackson Biography - Sebaan

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Albert Einstein Biography

Warren Buffet Biography

DanTDM Biography

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Charlie Chaplin Biography

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J.K. Rowling Bio

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Adolf Hitler Biography B0dhi

Markus Persson


Wiki about Notch:

Stan walker Biography


On 23 october 1990 Melbourne, Australia Stan Walker was born.
Stan walker really was into singing and acting, so in 2009 August the 13th stan went to the Australian idol to audition for the chance to win a recording disc in the studio.
Stan starred in his very first movie called the Mt Zion's.

Music career
Stan Walker grew up in a marae in mount maunganui in New Zealand. And Started to go to Hamilton boys high school. Then Boarded at New plymouth boys high school. When Stan was 15 he started to go to church. At school he went to Church and his marae made him have a good reputation at school.

Late in December Stan released his studio album which sign a contract with Sony Music Australia. Stan walker really was into singing and acting.

His big career change

In 2009 Stan Walker won the australian idol and became famous for his singing. After that stan became a judge in the NZ X factor with his friend Melanie Blatt from the famous group All Saints,Natalie bassingthwaighte and Shelton woolright.
In 2010 Stan walker won Australia idol and sang John legends ordinary people. and after that show it was announced that he made it into the top twenty four semifinals. After the grand final it was announced that stan walker had won. He signed to sony music Australia. He made his own company called Stan walker Music Which was run by his  mother when she was out of prison.

Stan’s Parents

When he was growing into his teen years his Ross and April Walker parents went to jail. And stan had to go  live somewhere else. And a few years before his dad went to jail for beating his mum because they were drug dealers.

BY: Amy M

Daniel - Yi sun sin

my Biography
name: Yi sun sin
profession: warlord
Born: April 28, 1545
Died: December 16, 1598

  • Identify who might read your biography and why - Mr lunn

  • Think about how you want to portray your person - smart, tough, kind?- smart,strong,kind,save Korea,to win the war with japan

  • Plan out the details you will need to gather about your person to accomplish your writing purpose-Hi live hansung,

  • When did he rule as a leader or warlord?= Yes

  • Who did he rule over?= The Korean Navy

  • How many people did he command?= The entire Korean Navy

  • What were his famous fights?=Imjin war,

  • Big wars he was involved in?=yes

  • How did he die? =Japanese soldiers had shot off the gun, it hit him
        near his left armpit and he died shortly after

  • What was he like as a kid?=A young boy, the Yi, another local boy and war games and arrows showing outstanding leadership talent and configure their bow at a young age teenager fletched. Yi was also the ability to read and write Chinese.

  • How did he become a warlord?=For outstanding achievement in military test
  • How long was he in the military? =June 13, 1592 until December 15, 1598,

          He died Namhae do,
         Yi sun sin warlord is facing a total war with Japan before
         he died hanmal (Do not inform the enemy my death
         Because the soldiers morale fall on him.)

Image result for yi sun sinImage result for yi sun sinImage result for yi sun sin
Yi Sun Sin
Early life
He lived in Hansung and grew up here.  He was korean king and he did save korea from the japanese attacks in the 1500’s. As a young boy, he was very normal and just another local boy who was very kind. It is said many times in Korean textbooks that he was kind. He play war games and played with arrows, showing outstanding leadership talent. As a child Yi was also the able to read and write Chinese.

Battles on the sea
He won an enemy twelve ships in the Imjin War flock to
Only while not live Use the terrain to flock to the sea battle at sea
Winning the Japanese safe Korea The swarm of self-soldiers die Do not give in to death in his battle Korea did not inform the textbook.

yi sun sin is the designer and maker of the turtle ship.
Turtle ship is very powerful ship but It takes a great deal of material is Needed Build. Materials are wood, iron, cannons, etc.
He fought and won in the turtle ships in the 12 to 300-fold in the crab to the Japanese in the imjin war.
In 1951 he became Commander, and commanded the entire Korean Army for 7 years, and died in 1598.

Final Battles and Death
After the test the soldier had his big bow and sword skills very loving
He was killed by a stray bullet as he pursued the retreating Japanese Forces during the final campaign of the war. His last words were  “A herd) horses he will die (Do not inform the enemy death to me)”.
   Image result for yi sun sin turtles ship
<- is turtles ship.

bill nye the science guy by:eric

Original (2636 × 3295)
Bill Nye - Scientist

Synopsis (Summary)
Bill nye Born on November 27 1995 grew up in washington D.C where he received an average education  until hard work.  a small scholarship got him into a good private school. From there he went  to Cornell university, moved to seattle to work as a mechanical engineering  for the boeing company. Then he became a comedy show writer and performer  nye went to get his own show bill nye the science guy which was an educational
program that teach science to preeteens. Over its five year fun
the show was hugely successful and won 18 emmy awards
nye became a well known entrainer and went on to perform films and televisions shows among every things after his show ended
He also remained vocal in the science community.

Early Life

American science Educator William sanford nye was known as bill nye the science guy was born in washington D.C on november 27 1995 to Jacqueline and Edwin darby nye was brilliant in maths and science Nye’s mother was recruited to become a codebreaker during world war II. His father was held in a japanese prisoner of war camp where he had no electricity for four years the experience made Edwin darby Nye a sundial enthusiast and later his son will become himself .

College / Science
  • When did he start studying science
he start studying when he wasn't making a film or a television host
he is working as a scientist in the early 2000s he helped develop sundials that were used in the mars Exploration Rover Missions to 2005 to 2010 he served as vice president and then as second as executive the director of the PLanet society on of the largest space interest group in the world   

Nye got his start in his comedy after winning a Steve Martin look-alike contest and went on to work as an engineering by day
and a stand up comic by night He eventually quit his day job and become a comedy writer and performer on the show Al Most live it  was there that he earned his nickname the science guy soon after seattle’s PBS KCTS-TV
produced the show bill nye the science guy an educational
television program that aired from September 10 to 1993 to
june 20 1998 Nye hosted the show which aimed to teach
science preeteen audience Each of the show’s 100 Episodes
focused on a specific topic  the show is often used in school
as an educational  tool over its five year run the show won 18
emmy awards nye personally received seven emmys for writing
and producing after the show ended Nye went on to work
on other television shows including the eyes of nye a science
showed aimed at an older audience and the Planet green.

Pitbull Biography

Pitbull Autobiography

When was he born
Pitbull was born in January 15th,1981 he is from Miami Florida USA. His birth name is Armando Christian Perez. .He was raised only by his mother (Alysha Acosta) because when Pitbull was very young his parents were separated.
When he was a teenager
However Pitbull’s mum kicked him out of the house when he was a teenager because he was dealing  drugs. She said, 'Grab what you can in 20 minutes and get out!. He spent his life with a foster family in Roswell, Georgia.
His fame
Pitbull started rapping at a very young age, Drawing a great influence on kids at his age. After graduating from Coral Park High School, he decided not to continue his study to college. Instead, he focused on his rapping career.

Pitbull began rapping at a very young age, drawing influences from the likes of Nas, Notorious B.I.G. and Big Pun. After graduating from Coral Park High School, he decided not to continue his study to college. Instead, he focused on his rapping career. In 2002, he was tapped as a featured guest in Lil Jon and Eastside Boyz' album "Kings of Crunk". The next year, he scored music called "Oye" for movie 2 Fast 2 Furious".

Pitbull released his debut album "M.I.A.M.I." under TVT Records in 2004. The title of the record is an acronym for Money Is a Major Issue. Having Fat Joe, Trick Daddy and Lil Jon as collaborators, he reached number 14 on Billboard Hot 200. Singles from the effort included "Culo" and "Toma".

Following the success of "M.I.A.M.I", Pitbull became the most-wanted collaborator for other Hip-Hop artists. He was signed to join Anger Management Tour which was headlined by Eminem and  50 Cent. He also lent his vocal to several singles from such big stars as Ying Yang Twins, Twista and Wyclef Jean.

Two years after the arrival of his first album, Pitbull came out with his sophomore set "El Mariel". The title of the album referred to the boat that transported Cuban refugees to Florida in the movie "Scarface". He dedicated this record to his father, who died that year in May. With this studio project, he peaked at number 2 on Billboard Hot Rap Albums chart and at number 1 on Independent chart. As for Billboard Hot 200, he managed to climb to number 17.

Pitbull's third studio effort "The Boatlift" was put out in 2007. Though having a bunch of contributors such as Trina, Jim Jones and Lloyd, this album failed to rank in the top 20 of Billboard Hot 200. It only debuted at number 50 on the chart, selling 22,203 copies in its first week, far below expectations. In its second week, it added 9,686 copies and dropped to number 134 on the chart.

On August 31 2009, Pitbull returned with "Rebelution". Two of its singles reached top

On August 31 2009, Pitbull returned with. Two of its singles reached top 10 on Billboard Hot 100. "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" secured the second spot, while "Hotel Room Service" peaked at number 9 on the U.S. singles chart. Another track titled "Blanco" was featured in film ‘Fast and Furious’.

Pitbull followed up the album with another one, an all-Spanish-language record called "Armonado", in 2010 before putting out "Plane pit" in 2011. The latter album featured hit singles "Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)" and NE-YO-assisted "Give Me Everything".

In 2012, he dropped his seventh studio effort called "Global warming" that included the hits "Back in Time" and "Feel This Moment". A deluxe reissue of the record came out in the following year, featuring a collaboration with Ke$ha titled "Timber".

In early 2014 Pitbull released the single "Wild Wild Love" which had vocals from girl group GRL. The song debuted at number 30 on the Billboard Top 100. A few months later he announced the release of his eighth studio album, "Globalization", which later arrived at the tail-end of 2014 and boasted collaborations with Chris brown,Sean Paul and Dr. Luke among others. There's also the single "Time of Our Lives" which finds him reuniting with his "Give Me Everything" collaborator, NE_YO. The track has peaked at No. 11 on Billboard Hot 100 and at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Rap Songs.

What Pitbull think about himself:
He says. “I’m catching a lot of people’s ears, whether it’s with my music or appearing on someone else’s track.
Stan Walker

Early life
Stan walker was born on the 23th of October 1990 in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia. He grew up in a  marae in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. When Stan walker was growing up his parents, April and Ross Walker were doing a bad things in life,  stealing things and getting involved in other crime. Both of his parents spent time in jail.        

School and Church
Stan Walker attended FairField Intermediate and Hamilton high school in Hamilton. Then he boarded at New Plymouth High School for boys. Walker did not comment in detail about his schooling life, due to his negative childhood. However, He credits a lot of his success to the positive influence from church and the marae made him have a good reputation in school.  

Early Career
In 2010 Stan Walker won Australia idol and sang John legends “ordinary people” and after that show it was announced that he made it into the top twenty four semifinals. After the grand final it was announced that Stan Walker had won! He signed to sony music Australia. He made his own company called Stan walker Music which was run by his  mother when she was out of prison.

Current Career
Recently Stan walker has been on X Factor judge with 3 other judges.  As an aside, two x factor judges got fired because they were  being mean to one of the contestants.  

Stan wasn't happy.  

Although Stan didn't hear Natalia Kills being mean at the time, he was furious when he listened to the recorded comments.

Stan walker quotes

“Don't wait around other people to be happy for you. any happiness you get you've got to make it your self”  

- Molly