Thursday, 28 May 2015

NZ Flag

I chose the southern cross because you can see it from NZ, and also I liked how it looked on the present NZ flag. I chose the kiwi because it represents NZ like a mascot. I chose the silver fern because it’s NZ’s native plant. The blue background represents the Pacific Ocean, which NZ is in.


Ma'asi T said...

I like the way how you designed this flag and it actually looks like a NZ flag. I love the colours you used and also using the silver fern and the kiwi is very creative.

Great Job!!

Keep It Up!! :)

Hub 8 said...

Hi Tony,
We like how you have used the icons to represent New Zealand on your flag. We like the colour green because it also represents New Zealand's native bush. Also the colour red reminds us of the Pohutakakwa flower.
Thanks for sharing,
Hub 8

Katie said...

Kia Ora Tony, I loved how you explained why you chose those representatives.

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