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Daniel - Yi sun sin

my Biography
name: Yi sun sin
profession: warlord
Born: April 28, 1545
Died: December 16, 1598

  • Identify who might read your biography and why - Mr lunn

  • Think about how you want to portray your person - smart, tough, kind?- smart,strong,kind,save Korea,to win the war with japan

  • Plan out the details you will need to gather about your person to accomplish your writing purpose-Hi live hansung,

  • When did he rule as a leader or warlord?= Yes

  • Who did he rule over?= The Korean Navy

  • How many people did he command?= The entire Korean Navy

  • What were his famous fights?=Imjin war,

  • Big wars he was involved in?=yes

  • How did he die? =Japanese soldiers had shot off the gun, it hit him
        near his left armpit and he died shortly after

  • What was he like as a kid?=A young boy, the Yi, another local boy and war games and arrows showing outstanding leadership talent and configure their bow at a young age teenager fletched. Yi was also the ability to read and write Chinese.

  • How did he become a warlord?=For outstanding achievement in military test
  • How long was he in the military? =June 13, 1592 until December 15, 1598,

          He died Namhae do,
         Yi sun sin warlord is facing a total war with Japan before
         he died hanmal (Do not inform the enemy my death
         Because the soldiers morale fall on him.)

Image result for yi sun sinImage result for yi sun sinImage result for yi sun sin
Yi Sun Sin
Early life
He lived in Hansung and grew up here.  He was korean king and he did save korea from the japanese attacks in the 1500’s. As a young boy, he was very normal and just another local boy who was very kind. It is said many times in Korean textbooks that he was kind. He play war games and played with arrows, showing outstanding leadership talent. As a child Yi was also the able to read and write Chinese.

Battles on the sea
He won an enemy twelve ships in the Imjin War flock to
Only while not live Use the terrain to flock to the sea battle at sea
Winning the Japanese safe Korea The swarm of self-soldiers die Do not give in to death in his battle Korea did not inform the textbook.

yi sun sin is the designer and maker of the turtle ship.
Turtle ship is very powerful ship but It takes a great deal of material is Needed Build. Materials are wood, iron, cannons, etc.
He fought and won in the turtle ships in the 12 to 300-fold in the crab to the Japanese in the imjin war.
In 1951 he became Commander, and commanded the entire Korean Army for 7 years, and died in 1598.

Final Battles and Death
After the test the soldier had his big bow and sword skills very loving
He was killed by a stray bullet as he pursued the retreating Japanese Forces during the final campaign of the war. His last words were  “A herd) horses he will die (Do not inform the enemy death to me)”.
   Image result for yi sun sin turtles ship
<- is turtles ship.


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