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Dwayne johnsons biography: The life of success

Dwayne johnson: The life of success
                Dwayne johnson had a hard life growing up.
                Dwayne was a wrestler then changed to an
                actor at the age of 21. He finished his                                  
                wrestling career at the age of 21 as well.
            He is known for lifting his right eyebrow and                                                                                              the sentence “The rock says....”. He is currently at the age      of 43
                                  His early life

Dwayne johnson was born in 1972 may the second. Dwayne was born with a wrestling history in his family, his father (Rocky johnson) is hawaiian and was born august 24 1944 and is currently 70 his father (James henry bowles) we’re both wrestlers in their time. His mother (Ata johnson) is samoan and was born october 25 1948 and is currently 66. His brother (Curtis bowles) is the son of Rocky johnson and a woman named Luan. He actually went to a school in New zealand, auckland richmond road school.
                         His wrestling career

He is also known for his finishing move where he does some sort of action then bounces off the edge of the ring then to the other and then lifts up his leg and falls back on the person. When Dwayne johnson was a wrestler he was known for lifting his right eyebrow at the crowd and or his versus.
The end of his wrestling career and the start of his            acting career
Dwayne retired his (WWE) days on august 2013, Dwayne first showed up in a movie called Alcatraz, an island deserted in the ocean and prisoners try to escape.                          
                 His father Rocky johnson

Growing up Dwayne johnson had a hard life, his father had abandoned him and was always on the road and never had time for him. His father had been cheating on his wife for a girl named Luan, he had told her that he was single but had lied. Dwayne and his mother found out the hard way by seeing them in a magazine called star, soon after Dwyane at twelve started calling Luan telling her to stay away from his father and leave his mother alone. Luan was a fan after seeing him on TV and so she sent him a message. After having almost a full conversation, she asked him if he was single he replied no.

In 1995, Dwayne johnson started his wrestling career and as i said before his wrestling career came to an end on august 2013.

Eighty-six acting careers Dwayne johnson has devoted his time to, also including his wrestlemania days.

                The movies he’s starring/starred in

He has six upcoming such as the following: Shazam an original DC super hero, a kid that has the power of lightning all by saying one word....SHAZAM/Journey 3:From the earth to the moon a movie of a family trip from the home planet earth to the moon/Journey to the centre of the earth a fiction movie based on unrealistic journeys to the centre of the earth/Central intelligence ???/ Moana a movie based on what its like to be villagers/Fast and furious super charged A movie of super fast speed cars and the racers inside them starring Vin diesel/ Ballers a TV series about football championships/ San andreas a movie about the end of a state in America that has a series of disasters like tsunamis and huge earthquakes and a man that tries to save the survivors.

Dwayne johnson has not let his past take the best of him and he is still very very happy and most likely filming and acting in the movies he's going to be in.                 
Written and edited by: Caleb heppleston


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