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Theo James Biography

                                          ~Theo James~


Theo James was born December 16 1984 ( Age 30 ) in Oxford , United Kingdom as Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis. He is known a actor because of the roles he has in divergent and the divergent series.                  

Early Life 
Theo James is the son of Jane Taptiklis and Philip Taktiklis . Theo’s full name came from his Greek Grandfather. Theo is the youngest of five. As a kid Theo learned how to play different instruments he plays the guitar, piano and the saxophone. Theo went to Aylesbury Grammar School when he was little. 

Early Career 
Theo is a Ballet, Tap and jazz dancer he also enjoys doing Boxing, Basketball, Rugby and deep sea diving even cliff jumping.  Theo always was afraid of Heights but as he says “Fear Doesn't shut you down it wakes you up” and now he is a professional at jumping off a cliff. Theo was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School. Theo became a actor by accident, after graduating from the university of Nottingham with a degree in Philosophy, Theo’s girlfriend was thinking of auditioning in drama school so he tried it out too. He was successful but unfortunately Theo’s girlfriend didn't get in. His first TV show was A Passionate Woman. He also had a role in Downtown Abbey, Bedlam and Golden Boy.  He plays Detective Walter Clark and its the lead role in Golden Boy. His other big role in Bedlam is as Jed Harper and his role in Downtown abbey didn’t last long he was only in one of the episodes but then Theo’s Character died.

Current Career 
Theo James is currently a lucrative actor in Hollywood. He has a Lead role in Divergent and Insurgent. The current movie he is working on is one of the Divergent series Allegiant. The Author of the Divergent Novel is Veronica Roth and it is aimed at teenagers and young adults. Through out his career Theo is feeling like he is getting a role in the movies because of how he looks and he wants to keep the job because of how he acts.

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