Tuesday, 12 May 2015

in the boy's head ico

in the boy's head .ico I have been on this horse for a hour now my whole village has been kidnaped and killed and now i'm next I’m so scared my parents are dead and i’m about to die too, where are they taking me i can't see they have put a blindfold on me. the guards are masked and unknown. this place looks like it is not used and is run down and still so old. they pulled him off the horse and took his blindfold off and forced him to walk to the boat with them through the fog he could not stand the cold. where is this, get the sword, get the sword there going to kill me I don’t wanna die o he is opening a door okay and again it is very bright wow the ruins are cool they look old, wow that's glowing um o no there going to lock me in there, this is not good for the village I don’t wanna die noo please i have to get out of here this place is sinking, i got to push errr yes o no this is going to hurt a lot argh.


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