Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival - I am waiting

This spoken word poem was created during our poetry unit in the hub.

We began by building our knowledge of other spoken word poets on YouTube and hearing Joshua Iosefa perform his Brown Brother poem at our school. From this we were challenged to find our own voice as writers.

My aspiration was to speak out for those who couldn't speak for themselves and to empower others to find their voice and speak out against bullying. If you are being bullied, go to a trusted adult, friend, or teacher and tell them what is happening.

It's time to find your voice.
I am waiting...



chance said...

I like your poem you did.AWESOME

Miss K said...

Sebaan, that was a wonderful poem. You most certainly have a gift for poetry. I also think that you managed use video well and not overpower your voice. Well done on a fine composition and effectively sharing an important message.
Miss King Pt England School

G said...

Kia ora Sebäan,

Ka mau te wehi, tino pai tō mahi!

Very powerful spoken word poetry and performance, you continue to make us proud. I admire the way you utilised the many one hundred languages to confront concerning anti-social behaviour effectively.

Nurturing well-being of akōnga is the crucial foundation for their learning, growth of their capabilities and better educational and social pathways for the future.

Congratulations to you and your contributors. Kia kaha.

Love Mamon

Juanita said...

Nice Poem guys and I like how you standed up for your self and never gave up to make friend . I get what your trying to say never give up because other people don't like you.

Nazella said...

Kia ora,
I like your poem so much, for my rating I will give you a 10 out of a ten because this meaning or moral is really powerful to everyone even people that do bully people. I have been bullied and it was the worst day of my life they say bad things about me and I just wait until they see how I feel. People need to know bulling is bad because those people that you bullies don't know what you might do to yourself, right.
I don't like bulling because I just don't like people hurting themselves and crying all day. I just want to stop everything. If someone bullies you and says change yourself, just say "I can be who ever I want" and just go talk to a sensible adult or person.
Check our one out:
I like your one because this is good for the people that came and bullied someone in there life.
By Nazella

Helen said...

Hi guys
Great movie! I really liked how there was a meaning behind it and how you based it on a poem. Thanks for showing your movie at the film festival, you must have worked really hard.

Rona said...

helo great movie so this video is about i am waiting
this is very very cool

richelle @ glen Innes School said...

Hello Guys
Awesome movie! It is really cool. Keep it up.

Juliana Aguirre Mendoza Duarte Delgado said...

Hi Sebaan,

This poem is really inspiring I loved it

molly said...

I really liked you movie. I liked it how it was based of your own poem. It was very good keep up the good work!
It inspired me to be nice to every one


Jasmine said...

Hi, that was a really nice movie. Your right bullying shouldn't rule the world, I didn't know how bulling could be that bad. I used to be bullied when I was little so I know how bad it can get `really bad. Keep up the great work.

Javeylor said...
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Jessie said...

Hi I really like your film and it is so awesome. Keep up the great work. I am so happy about your film.

Javeylor said...

Hi Room 8
this is a amazing moive.I liked how it was based of your own poem.It was very.
i liked how you did the moive it is very vey cool.
Keep it up

Zeba said...

Hi hub 9

OMG AMAZING MOVIE. I loved how you guys really acted the part you were supposed to. Seeban you must be really talented on poetry.

Great job guys


Mitchell said...

Hi Sebaan
I really liked the poem that you made. Well done
From Mitchell

Mia said...

HI hub 9
You did a amazing job about your movie.You are one of my favourites but well done

Danielle said...

Hey hub nine.

Well done Sebaan on your amazing poem. I really enjoyed this short film, it was interesting, and emotional. The words you said are very inspirational. I hope you impact on many others.

Nunia said...

Wow! So much life, has been brought into this beautiful poem, well done Keep it up.

Eseki said...

Hello hub nine,

Well done on your fantastic poem. I enjoyed watching your movie. It was intense and I loved it.

Anamanu said...

Hello Hub 9,
I really enjoyed your short film. I really got hooked in the girls story.

Isara said...

Hi hub 9

I loved watching your movie. You guys are very good at writing poems so make sure you keep it up

flora T said...

Hi hub 9
What a amazing movie that yous did it was so awesome keep it up

Juliana Aguirre Mendoza Duarte Delgado said...

Hi Sebaan,

I really like your video it was really interesting and also it was really insparational

Mina said...

Hello Hub 3
Your movie is such an inspiring and amazing movie! The music goes well with the poem and the story. The narrator’s voice is very powerful.

Ruby said...

Ola hub 3,
I liked the music of your movie. I enjoyed the story.

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