Thursday, 13 November 2014

I am in New York City we have had the most amazing week but I will just tell you about today but if you want to see more about my trip to the U.S.A at Laura in the U.S.A. Today we went to the United Nation were NZ got a seat. Here are some facts about the UN
The United Nations is an organization between governments it began on 24 October 1945 this happened to help different countries to co-operate . A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was created following the Second World War to prevent another.

The UN makes decisions by voting for them, for example one country wanted to bomb another country and the UN had to vote to decide if it should go ahead or not in the end it went ahead.
Here are some photos of our week.
National History Musem

Statue of Liberty

My chocolate doggy

My new white Shoes and grace's new blue shoes

My cousin Paul telling us about where he works and how he got the NZ seat he works at the UN

In the train station there was a busker 


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