Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Success Criteria for School

We all know that success criteria helps us to structure our learning. We decided to create a humorous parody about how these success criteria could be applied to just getting through the school day. From the possibly nerve-wracking situation of sitting a test, to a unique approach of confronting a bully, we hope you like our original take on the "Success Criteria for School". By Samo, Jackson and Ben


Eric said...

Nice job guys! I liked how you did that! It was awesome!

Eric, stonefields school

Luanna said...

Hi,Hub 9
I liked your film i hope you enjoyed filming and watching it you guys did a job and i really liked how you made it really funny and how you showed the good side and the bad side


Thomas said...

Hi Hub 9
Cool movie. I really like how you show that we have to work hard to achieve things. Also I would appreciate it if you could comment on our movie:
Keep up the good work.

Matthew P said...

I loved the humour in this its really entertaining, I enjoyed it so much, I could watch it one hundred times!
Matthew at Stonefields!

pita said...
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pita said...

Nice work room 9,keep up the good work. :-)

Mikayla said...

Kia Ora, , Room 9.
This is a very funny movie. I couldn't stop giggling. It had very entertaining parts. I especially like that part when he rips up the test and the other boy starts to cry. That was very funny. What movie would you want to make next year? Anyway, good job.

Juliana Aguirre Mendoza Duarte Delgado said...

Nice movie

Eseki said...

Hi hub 9

I loved the way the actor reacted when the paper was ripped. Such a neat movie you've made. Good work!

Sofiya Tymofeyeva said...

Hi Guys,
I think that your succes criteria movie was really good.You Guys did a great job! I think that your movie is really cool.

From:Sofiya T Stonefields school

Faith said...

Hi Hub 9

I love the way you made the movie so funny, especially the part when the boy was running in slow motion. Keep it up guys.

From: Faith E
Stonefields school

Georgia's said...

Kia Ora Hub 3
I loved how to school it made me laugh so much and it showed people what to do and what not to do in some situations. Overall this was a great movie.

Bar said...

Hello there!
Nice video! I really enjoyed it. It was funny how you took bad and boring parts of school and made it funny. My favorite part was when the bully exploded. (I wish that really happened.) But anyways, cool movie!

Nadav said...

Hello Hub Ex 9,
I really love how you added in lot's of humour into your film, especially with the bully part. I also really like the name of your crew: HeyMumIMadeAFilm. All in all it was a very humorous film and I really enjoyed watching it.


Ethan G said...

Hi Hub 3
Cool video it really brings out the word drama I also like all the emotions on the actors faces it show what they are feeling and it tell people in a funny way how to do tests and what to do when your face to face with a bully.

Tony said...

Hello Hub 9, I am Tony from Hub 5.
Probably my favorite part in the movie was when the bully just explodes. I was wondering how you actually came up with the idea for the movie? I think I will apply this success criteria to my everyday life.

william said...

Dear hub 3
I have watched your movie for the manaiakalani film festival. I think that you movie was absolutely haliariale as well as having a great meaning in it. The best part was the humor because everybody like humor. I also loved the way you brought it back from being funny to also being sensible.

If you want to see our movie come see it at our hub blog

From William hub 5

Ashton said...

Dear Hub 3
I watched your movie from the manaiakalani film festival. I think that your movie is really cool and I liked how you added in music and special effects that made your movie ten times better. Next time you could have added in some more things about how to survive school.
If you want to see our movie come check out our hub blog.
From Ashton Hub 5

Michael said...

To Hub 3,
I watched your movie from the Manaiakalani film festival. I think your movie is really funny. Something that made the movie even better was the special effects and the music.
From Michael

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