Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Eric and the first world war

While playing sport there was a young man ask  me  that
“young Eric would too  like to go to  the world war?”.  I was thinking
at first i think i would go to the war, I can protect my family and find new technology
and weapons, but i said  “I   would  not go to the  war. He replied  “Why not?”  he asked me
“I said if i go to the war I would miss my family  and  I might die and never see  my      family again”. and  if i die” my mum would be very sad and my family  will never see me again”. “And I would not be able to  see my family after all and why would you wanted  to go to the war?”I asked. “because my family have no money and even has no house
so this  is the  reason why I wanted to go to war”.”But my family has a bit money  and
a house”. “I  just don't have  to go  to war  and if I  got kill by the British empire
they are going to rush my world and steal every treasure in my  land”.” I don't want my family to get kill by the  British empire”.” And my land that i am  living is  going  to
get rushed by the british empire and every one in this land is going killed by the british empire”.” but if you can’t protect your family you can’t protect everyone in this
land”.” So you should probably go to train for  you to  be a  soldier” “I won’t
be a soldier because i want to protect my land and my family from the british empire
so  I will make sure no one of the British empire destroy my family  and land”
“because if  I die who will protect my family who will  stop the British empire from destroying my”.” Land and that  is the reason why I don’t want to go to war”. “

The End


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