Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why You Should Not Go To War

Introduction paragraph - state your point of view and hook the reader.

Intro- WAR,  Is the most horrible thing that you could do you could get killed it is the worst thing that was ever invented. The conditions are below average, you are forced to murder other people, and while you are gone you will miss the people that are back in New Zealand waiting for you.

The reason People should not go to war you could get killed the conditions are yuck and you might have to sleep on the floor. When you go to war if you win and you get killed during the war and you will not be able to live your land. You could miss your family or lose your family.

and you also have to shoot people some people don't like shooting other, the reason because you are killing people you don't even know and you have to watch them drop to the ground and you kill people for doing nothing wrong.

By going to war you are leaving behind your family and other people.while  they are in New Zealand waiting for you to come back when you probably won't and you are in another place while your fighting and they are waiting. that is why you should not go to war.



Carmel said...

dear Lara I a love the story because who doesn't want to read someones diary and it sound so cool keep it up Lara

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