Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ashton's king and country world war 1

World war one the maori King and country

I think they should go to war because if they don’t they could lose even more stuff than they already have. They are at the risk of being thrown in Jail and being treated even worse that they already have. and if they do go to war they could win all their land back. Even if they lose the war they could win their land back.

Firstly If they don’t go to war they are at risk of losing even more land pets food crops that they already have. If that happen they probably would all slowly die off and then there is no one to look after their land and suddenly all of the native creature and plants will die.

Secondly they would be at the risk of going to jail or being taken as prisoner. If that happened They would be treated worse than they already have been and while they're in jail the british might cut all the trees and plant’s down to make more houses in britain. If they did that it would mean that we wouldn’t have all of these beautiful and native plants in new zealand any more.

Finally if they go to war they could prove their country as not just an island down at the bottom of the planet they could fight they could win a war. If they win they also could win back more land than they have lost


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