Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Persuasive Writing - Students Shouldn't Wear School Uniforms

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your school uniform, unfashionable, plain or bland.  Students should not be living under the hand of school uniforms. In New Zealand students should be able to wear whatever they want.

If New Zealand students didn't have uniforms, but their ordinary clothes, everyone would be able to show their personality and style. If a few students personality was quirky, then their clothes would clothes would have a quirky, weird feel like groovy hats or spenders, or if their were some students with a sporty and athletic most likely they would wear, shorts and sneakers.This is the best reason for uniforms to be replaced with Mufti Clothes, so everyone can show their personality and style.

Ever complained about how uncomfortable uniforms can be? Everyone’s been down that road, but the only uniform I’m going to complain about is Stonefields School Uniform. Not a lot of students wear this uniform but the most annoying and uncomfortable piece of clothing is the skorts. It’s so uncomfortable that the boys don’t even wear it! Probably because girls are supposed to wear it instead. What’s wrong with skorts? you’re probably asking, their so uncomfortable because their tight, they get in a tangle, and really frustrating when putting them on (since their half shorts and half skirts). The shirt is quite uncomfortable as well, since the material is tight. The jumper is comfortable but when it comes to the washing machine, the warmth in the jumper wears out and it doesn't really help when it comes to winter.

The most annoying thing that parents hate about the school uniform is the price. Most jumpers are about $15 - $20 as when the Stonefields School uniform jumper is $80. At stores T-shirts are
$5 -  $10 where the school T-shirts are $40 - $50. No one really buys skorts but at the uniform shop they are $50 - $60, and the shorts are about $50. The second most annoying thing about uniforms is when you grow out  of the size. Guess you need to buy new shirts and skorts.

Want to give up on reading? Well I’m not done! The next complainment would be how unfashionable the uniform is! The style and the colour are the main things when it comes to fashion and the Stonefields School uniform doesn’t have any of them. First the colour, the colour is plain and boring, Cornflower Blue for the jumper and shirt and charcoal black for the skorts and shorts. Next the style, the style is simple and bland. Plain shirts, jumpers, skorts and shorts.

In conclusion, students shouldn't wear uniforms at school for several reasons. How bland and plain the colour and style is. How expensive the prices are. And how students can express their individuality through their own clothes, instead of hiding it under their school uniform.


Grace said...

I think we should have a uniform. Because technicality its less washing for the parents and it also makes a school look more like a proper school instead of a kinda homeschoolish look.

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