Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Country life is better than City life.

“The incidence of schizophrenia is almost doubled for individuals born and brought up in cities.” These values are a cause for concern. It is crucial you keep stress levels down so it doesn't triple in the next year.  Stress can be lurking by your side in the city but in the country stress is non existent. The agitation of living in a cramped city lifestyle when the country has limited population and broad spaces. Why don’t more people live in the country?

How peaceful do you think the city actually is? Well if you live in the country it’s peaceful environment non stress lifestyle makes you see it’s greenness other than stress lurking by your side in the city. You would think country life is cows mooing and early mornings but that’s rural life in remote places but country life isn't necessarily that country life is big spaces, small towns with under 10,000 people and quiet spaces with no busy roads and underpopulated spaces.

How safe are you?
Living in the country doesn't only decrease stress levels it also allows you to have a lower risk of catching a disease that could spread in days through a populated city. For example Ebola has spread in weeks through parts of Africa and the remote places haven’t been effected so living in the country comes in use when avoiding diseases.

How cheap would you like your house?
When you're in the city the house affordability doesn't make your stress levels any lower with an average house costing one million dollars. But for that price in the country it 25% more affordable. In the country there is not only nice views and affordable housing you can also enjoy the greenness of the country.

How to get a job?
In the city the main cause that people move there is because it has better opportunities for a job and you can earn more money but when you're affording things it makes you lose more money. And the country offers job to help run the community and it offers the same jobs except less of them but because there are less people living in the country.

Stress isn't good.
Scientists have found that the country decreases stress levels and that parts of the brain that deal with emotion and stress don’t handle the big crowds of everyday life in the city. The country is found. Stress can lead to lots of mental problems that you can avoid when living in the country.


If you have lived in the country you would think living in the country is the best but if you lived in the city you would think the city is the best but what if you have lived in the city and the country which would be better. But what really is better is where you feel at home.


Alexandra said...

I think that city life is better because there is more things to do and more places to see.

The stress levels of country life is not much different to city life because of little things of country life like driving all that way to get grocery or a service for something.

The city life may be expensive but the country is not much different, because people pay for land and that's what the country has, and most families want a nice place where there kids can run around and be safe, so its not much different.

The city has way more options and different work experiences so you dont need to just have one job you can have a main job but do something else that you have always wanted to do or are inspired by.

Matthew P said...

City life is better than country life, I Disagree!

Firstly the chances of getting schizophrenia are rare, if you had a parent with schizophrenia there is a 13% chance to you would get it yourself. The rate is getting lower.
Also most of auckland is quiet, all of Stonefields is quiet; just as quiet as the country, most suburbs are actually very quiet, the only loud areas are the main roads, but there are mostly just shops on the main roads, so not many people are affected by the loud atmosphere of the shops, and the only cramped areas of Auckland is the city basically but thats just mostly business, so people can still live in quiet lifestyles because the city centre is just shops not residential.

The city is very quiet apart from the main roads where all the shops are, and thats where people bump into friends and talk and lots off car whizz past, but thats just the normal lifestyle of New Zealanders. Auckland living is expanding and that will spread out the crowds more is we stretch out more shops and schools and houses. There may not be any busy roads in little towns. But you are further away from everything, and more isolated in the country. You are further away from big companies. If you need to get some supplies to fix your house or buy some new furniture you may have to go all the way into the city if you live in the country, and if there are very small communities the local school will be quiet and you may not be able to make a variety of friendships if there are hardly and students, and there are less people to interact with. Lots of your family members probably live in the city or somewhere further away from you so you have to travel a long way.

And If you persuade everyone to move to the country it will become a city and then the cities would lose more business because lots of people have moved to the country and then they have to build some more franchises and stuff in the country because there are so many people.
Also that will make the disease levels go up in the country and lower in the city. Who’s in danger now? Also if you life in the country there are more pests like rats and they carry diseases.

Yes I do agree that in the city the prices are higher, but there are many cheaper houses in the city, but there are nice views in auckland houses, most of the houses in the country are old and rusty and they just look bland but in the city they are slowing building new complexes that look fairly reasonable and they look. You need to not refer back to the stress in the city because it’s very repetitive.

Also lots of people feel more at home in the city because there is more shops and more connection to the rest of the world.

Tobias said...

to soon too soon ...

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