Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Smokers should pay a health tax

Have you ever been walking through a park just to find your favourite spot is filed with the stench of smoke. Did you know that 350 children die per year  from second hand smoke and that's just in New Zealand. And every time you walk past a smoker who is smoking the poisons from the smoke is affecting you too. So these people are killing their family and the other people around them. So why aren't they paying for this killing act that they are doing and how always be  much is one persons life worth.
Smokers are everywhere and there will always be people who smoke but they need to know that they are killing people around them. If you smoke you are exposing the people around you too, middle ear infections, lower respiratory illness, the onset of asthma and worsening asthmatic symptom, reduced lung growth, meningococcal disease. second hand smoke kills baby and young children unexpectedly. These children are dying from someone deciding to take a puff.
So Ive told you about these killers they are slowly killing their friends and what are they doing about it nothing so why are they not paying the government for their obsessive habit, Why aren't these people going to prison or paying a fine. The lives of other people are on the line and theres no punishment, Except adds that try making people feel guilty, But is this doing anything to some people its in one ear out the other so why don’t we make them pay.
People are putting the price of cigarettes up but will this do anything? A few dollars a year in extra price is not going to do much, But make them pay a hundred dollars per pack and half your smokers can't pay 200 and almost no one can pay.   So the money   per pack is enough to fund a cure. There are over 1 Billion smokers worldwide If you put a mass tax on it and you’ll   have a huge  amount of money to stop the and cure  the illnesses that come from smoke.
So in conclusion we could save millions people around the world  from lung cancer and second hand smoke diseases  the extra  amount of money can fund cure s for hundreds of illnesses and help people stop smoking by over pricing the cigarettes. So lets stop smoking and save lives its up to us to stop smoking.

By Zeb


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