Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We should use electric cars instead of petrol cars

So, it’s the 21st century and you’re looking to buy a car to replace your 1996 Toyota Corolla. You see many loads of car brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda. But then it hits you. Day by day petrol cars are effecting the environment and contributing to global warming, this kills innocent forms of life. That’s why people must start using electric cars. Since we have already gone too far with global warming. Not many people own them in New Zealand, in fact they only came out on sale a few months ago in March.

Although they are new to New Zealand, you can actually go out and buy one as I'm writing this on Oct 15 2014. Although They are quite expensive right now, soon they will dramatically come down in price. The benefits of them are that you can run on electricity for long distances plus it won’t contribute to the hole in our ozone layer also since they are new cars it has better technology, that means things like backing cameras and recently there was an electric car which used sonar technology to track cars in the distance which can be useful in foggy weather.

Also the electric car that used sonar technology could hit top speeds of up to 241 km/h (150 mph) absolutely unbelievable for an electric car especially because petrol is a lot more powerful than electricity. Every year global warming gets worse and worse so it’s time to do something about, that’s why electric cars are such a good idea. Even if you run out of electricity you can just have a backup pair of batteries. Now that global warming is at crisis state people must know about electric cars now because species are dying off because of global warming and the ice caps are melting at an extreme rate.

So by now you’re probably thinking that electric cars are the new awesome technology that is completely new to the public, the truth is though that electric cars were invented in the 80’s the 1880’s that is. Now that may seem impossible but you see the basic invention of an electric car is simple in fact it is almost like a RC electric car but on a bigger scale, same deal with RC petrol cars they have a fuel tank but are faster because petrol is more powerful than electricity. So really it would have been reasonably easy for someone who had access to electricity.

So we come to the conclusion that while petrol is a lot more powerful electricity there are alternatives that are better for the environment and can sometimes go just as fast or even faster. And while people might moan about how it might be a bit impractical because there aren’t many electric car refueling stations in Auckland and even New Zealand in the long run it is a lot better for the environment because it isn’t giving off fumes.


Zebalex said...

Your driving down a highway in your super quiet electric car and suddenly every thing stops your stuck in the middle of nowhere there is no charging station nearby and your phones out of range what do you do you wait and by the time your found and dragged to a charging station and get charged up its already time to head back home again.

New Zealand runs manly petrol cars and for a good reason too. New Zealand has a much further distance in-between houses and suburbs than most places in the world and we need something that can take us on these long journeys without breaking down or running out of power and we need places that we can fuel them up fairly often. In NZ there are no places where you can charge up anywhere And the battery in the electric cars are extremely hard to get out so you can't just swap the battery.

Electric cars can be modified to allow higher speeds same as petrol cars this allows tests to say that they are better but the car engines would not be able to holds speed like that anyway. Electric cars need to be charged in houses (In NZ) and this is going to make your power bill up super high. lots of money for the power company. So do you want to spend more money on a Hugely expensive electric car or get a more fuel efficient cars?

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