Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Kids should get paid for grades.

How is school different to a job?
You work hard at a job,
You work hard at school,
You learn from a job,
You learn from school,
You make changes in your job,
You make changes in school,
You get paid for your job... What about school? There are many kids that struggle with learning all around the world most of them aren't motivated enough to try and that end’s up to them giving up and failing. If they don't try at school or drop out how do they become well educated? Statistics show that on average 8,300 students drop out of high school everyday, and thats just in America! Think about how many students drop out daily around the world! But its not just that they drop out, the crime rate shows that 60% criminal activity is from people that have dropped out of school. Do you want your child leading up to a life like this?  How do you motivate them? Money could be a huge step to help motivate students to improve on their grades...

How could we get money for kids increasing in their grades? There are many solutions to adding a fund to help pay for students after succeeding in a grade for example we could increase the tax on cigarettes because that can help people that are quitting as well as fund schools with money after increasing in their grades. Many kids don't like school or pay attention because they don't get anything out of it. People opposing say it is just bribing them to work; what about a career? Is that bribing you to work too?

If kids are paid for better grades, they will want to do better in school. You don’t have to pay kids for bad grades or no improvement, this is rewards for good grades or huge improvement, not just for being at school. When students are paid for good grades, that will motivate them to push harder for an higher reward. The reward doesn’t have to be a huge amount either but you should get a bigger payment for the bigger you improve, also the more you achieve.

Kids should have a reason to get good grades. Students will definitely do better in school and try harder in school if they were getting paid to get good grades. Paying students to get good grades could just be the motivation some students need to do well. Also paying students to get good grades could keep many kids not dropping out.


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