Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Children Should Not Have To Wear School Uniform

You wake up, mind fuzzy. You scramble out of bed, almost falling over as you do so. You hobble to your drawer, slowly opening it. Your heartbeat quickens and you start to panic, your uniform is nowhere to be seen. You stressfully search your room, looking under the bed and behind your door but still no uniform. You ask your mum if she knows where it lies, but she does not know either. You sit down on your bed and think to yourself, if you didn't have to have wear uniform all of this stress would have been avoided, you could have just grabbed a random pair of clothes and been ready to go off to school but no, yet again the hassle of school uniform has made you stressed and on-edge on what started off on a decent note. This is what many children go through when they go to get ready for school, it is a major hassle and does not make us in the mood to do any learning at school. I believe that if children got to wear whatever they felt comfortable in (so long as it wasn't too OTT) it would make things a lot easier and make us more comfortable so we can learn better. So, I believe that children should be able to wear normal clothes instead of school uniform because of the following reasons:

Parents spend lots of money each year on school uniform for their kids that they could spend on something else like food or water instead of on school uniform that the child will just grow out of pretty quick. Most full sets of school uniform cost around $150 including hat and jumper. That’s a lot of money that could be spent on other things that are more important.

When you are comfortable you tend to be more calm about things, so if you were wearing something that you were really comfortable in during school then your mind would be clear and you would be able to work a lot better. So wearing something comfortable would actually increase your learning capacity because you would have a clearer mind to learn.

In the morning when you wake up and go to get changed it is a lot easier to just grab any pair of clothes to wear than spend ages looking for a wearable school uniform. Sometimes you can’t even find a wearable school uniform because the only ones you have are either in the wash or lost, and it makes some people really agitated. Being able to just put on any clothes let’s you get to school faster with hardly any effort.

Basically, children should not have to wear school uniform because it is:
Cheaper for the parents
Better for learning because of comfort
And easier to access making it faster to get to school

So based on these reasons I conclude that children should not have to wear school uniform.


Helen said...

Point 1: Yes, but that is another way for schools to make money. Also by wearing school uniform it gives the school a reputation. But if you buy your own clothes then generally they will be more expensive because you would be buying more clothes because you would wear different clothes different days.

Point 2: But it might make you to comfortable and you might act like you do at home.

Point 3:Yes, but generally if you know where it is it's alright. Also with not wearing school uniform you have to decide what to where and generally you get confused, but with school uniform you just have to put it on and no one can judge you because they are wearing the same thing.

Also it would take longer to get organised and ready because generally every day you were a different set of clothes. Also people can pick on other people for wearing "ugly" or "weird" clothes.

Grace said...

I think they should have to wear school uniform.
Costs: Firstly with the costs the parents will spend a lot of money on washing powder to wash all the mufti clothes that there children have worn.
Comfort: How do you know that mufti clothes are more comfortable than school uniform.
Accessibility: Usually it takes Kids ages to decide what they are going to wear in the morning but if they have one specific piece of clothing( school uniform) they won't have to spend ages getting ready because they no what they are going to wear every morning.

Sophia said...

I think that we should have school uniforms because they define the school and some schools share messages through a logo or crest. It also stops people teasing or disliking other peoples choice of clothing. Also, if you were organized then you would be able to find your uniform.

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