Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dog Saves man from a drowning car

Dog Saves man from a drowning car

The dog

There was a big dalamatain dog he was walking around the lake he saw a car floating on the water the dog thought that he should go and check in the car. When the dog went through his window he saw a man calling help but no one can hear him because he was in the drowning car the dog went in the car and carried the man back to shore it was quite a long swim because it was 2 meters away from shore half way the dog got very tired and were about to sink well then the man held the dog so then he can swim not sink. They were nearly there after a while they were on shore the man said''thank you very much dog i wouldn't stay alive without your help'' then the man said do u want some food and the dog barked and he was happy so then the man bought some bacon and a packet of dog food to take home so that was the journey for a dog saving a man.

By Sarah Z


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