Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Monet WI: To Make the reader feel like they were right next to him. WF:Sophisticated vocabulary and ideas.

The record of the year goes to SAM SMITH!!!!
“Thank you, thank you everybody for this amazing opportunity this is the best day of my life and I have to thank everybody for this.”  As he walks back to his seat and everybody congratulates him “ Well done Sam,” He sits down thinking ‘Wow i won a grammy this is amazing’ as the next grammy award comes up Album of the year goes to 'Sam Smith Stay With Me (Darkchild)' everyone jumps up out of their seats clapping their hands together with smiles on their faces whilst he's climbing up the stairs waiting to grab the trophy with his bare hands and grabs it lifting it up into the wild air, inside crying his heart out.

Walking out on the red carpet with big white flashing lights all over my face hearing “ Sam pose here,” “no pose here ,” “one more shot here!,” ” As other people interviewing me I look in the corner of my eye I see Beyonce I go over “ Hi Beyonce,” “Hi Sam congrats on your 4 grammy awards I hope you had a great time,” “Yeah I did thank you.”

As I look around I keep on seeing people saying great things about other people and not feeling sad I think to myself what a wonderful place to live in.

Finally lying in my bed looking at the stars through my glass roof and closing my eyes for a second thinking of what what will happen next........................


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