Thursday, 17 April 2014

Why Do Sharks Eat People?

I know that you all are sometimes afraid to swim in the ocean. Don’t think that I don’t know why. You are afraid to be eaten by a shark. But why eat you, especially when you’re having so much fun in the water? Maybe something annoys them? Or maybe they simply like you? I'm not sure about any of these things, so I'll find out with you.

Firstly, let’s go visit the beach. Look at all of the waves. What do you see in them? I'm sure you’re hallucinating if you see a shark, because they swim further away then you can see. They sometimes do come to the shallow water, because of the people. They like something from us. Well, we can’t really say “like”. Lets say something more like hate. We have something that they don’t…

Secondly, I know that if a shark bites your leg, you would scream: “I'm attacked!” No your not. It is. That's right sharks don’t attack people. We attack them. But how? When we swim we have to move our legs and to hit water. They are irritated with that so badly that they are forced to bite you. If you could swim without moving they wouldn't bite you. But I'm not sure if you can swim without moving. That's going to be hard. How to defend then?

As well, I said, the question is how to defend? I can help with that. Make sure you know all swimming Technics. You should be in able to do each of them perfectly. Don’t be afraid to take the swimming lessons. Don’t go too far in the water. It’s dangerous. Have a friend with you. Swim in safe waters.
Safety is most important.

Finally, you’re surrounded with no escape except a few. Don’t chose the wrong one.  They are all around you, so be aware of the sharks…


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