Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How are rainbows formed?

Success Criteria:
  • Title, Introduction, Explanation Sequence, Conclusion
  • Action Verbs
  • Present tense: is, now.
  • Time connectives: first, secondly, finally, then, when
  • Vocabulary: technical language

15/4/14                                     How are rainbows formed? (Silly)

Have you ever wondered how are rainbows formed, who made them and why we have them. Although there are many scientific stories to this, let me tell you the true reason why are rainbows formed and even exist. Rainbows exist because of leprechauns. Leprechauns are short, have curly hair and also wear green. Leprechauns each have a pot for gold.

Who made rainbows?
The Leprechaun king makes rainbows. There is a very forgetful leprechaun that always leaves his pot unattended. The leprechaun king had to think of a way to stop him from doing that. He could cast spells. So, he thought of an idea, to cast a spell on his pot.

How a rainbow is formed?
A rainbow is formed when it rains. The spell that the leprechaun king cast will only work if there is rain and a bit of sun. The pot cast with a spell will then beam out a colourful arch of colours. The rainbow will then be a reminder for the leprechaun. Once the leprechaun takes the pot away from rain it will stop the spell from working.

Why do we have it?
The rainbow helped the leprechaun not have a habit of leaving his belongings alone. That also taught him to value his valuables, such as his pot. But until now, the leprechaun still sometimes will forget about his pot. So, when we see a rainbow, he must have forgotten about his pot again. That is why we have a rainbow.     
Finally, now you know rainbows are actually a spell. This is the true reason why rainbows are formed and even exist.


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